Wu Dong Qian Kun Wikia
Wu Dong Qian Kun Wikia

The Ancient Treasure Trove is not ordinary treasure trove. The Ancient Treasure Trove was left behind by an extremely powerful sect. The treasures that existed within the Ancient Treasure Trove were extremely enticing. Even those high rank empires would drool a little over it. It can only be opened by using the four Mysterious Ancient Keys.[5][6][7]


This domain belonged to a martial arts alliance. Some members of the alliance are Devil Cloud Sect, Blood Shadow Door, Fiery Burning Valley.[8]



Ancient Treasure Trove Domain

Once passed the mysterious ancient door, one could clearly feel an extremely powerful spatial distortion force sweeping towards them. This was a lifeless domain, and the ground and the sky were both greyish dark, while an extremely savage spatial distortion force slowly extended out. This domain was evidently extremely unstable. This domain is already extremely corrupted. It can last at most a few hundred more years before it will self-destruct. At that time, all of the treasures within will disappear as well. There are also time cracks here. If you are accidentally sucked in, not even your bones will be left.[9]


Ancient Palace

The Ancient Palace was a large and spacious city. It had a total of eight doors. It was said that in the past, this was the headquarters of a Super Sect, thus, the scale of this city was truly breathtaking. This place attracted nearly sixty to seventy percent of the entire population in the Northwest region. Furthermore, this was the place to unlock the Mysterious Ancient Treasure Trove.[10]

Training Platform

The training platform was located near the Pill River. The pill river contains Nirvana Qi that the trainee uses to advance to Nirvana Stage and advance in the ranking. The training platform hides a formation that makes it easier to absorb Nirvana Qi.[11]


Resources Found


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Landmarks Mysterious Objects Tower, Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, Old Tomb, Ancient Treasure Trove