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“Sometimes, it’s best not to go all-out. A truly impressive individual knows when to endure and when to withdraw. Even if others mock him, he will ignore them. That is true courage and charisma…because, hope springs eternal as long as one is alive.”
— Lin Diao to Lin Dong [1]

Celestial Demon Marten (also known as Lin Diao) is a Demon Spirit. Although there are varying accounts, it is estimated that before being killed he was at the Samsara stage. He was named Lin Diao by Lin Dong.  Later his name was revealed to be Ah Diao.[6]


In his weakened stage, he takes a form of a weasel like creature.[7] Celestial Demon Marten recovers his physical body in chapter 542. His human form was known to be so beautiful that it made even female cultivators blush in shame.



He used to be the previous owner of the Stone Talisman. Not long after he obtained this thing, he was pursued. In the end, he was forced to self-destruct, his Demon Spirit escaping into the Stone Talisman as the final resort.[8]

He once encountered a powerful practitioner wanting to get the approval of the Flame Ancestral Symbol. However, eventually, he was burnt into crisp by that Thousand Heavenly Flames that was invoked by the Flame Ancestral Symbol.[9]

A hundred years ago, not a single person from the younger generation could match up to the latter. Even Hao Jiuyou, who was now the most outstanding younger generation member, was merely the latter’s lackey at that time. Unfortunately… a hundred years had allowed those behind him to catch up.

He was the most outstanding talent in the Heavenly Demonic Marten tribe a hundred years ago. At that time Hao Jiuyou as a follower. Demon Marten would come to Hao Jiuyou aid when he was bullied. However Hao Jiuyou betrayed Demon Marten by passing on the information of him travelling outside to some Yimo.[10][11]



  • Restore his original power. (Completed)[12]
  • Restore his corporal body (Completed) (Ch 542)


  • Qingyang Town



Lin Dong



Martial Arts Skills

  • Heavenly Demon Mouth[14]
  • Heaven Ripping Magic Wheel[15]
  • Dark Abyss Tiger’s Body Transformation[16]
  • Heavenly Devil God Transformation[17]
  • Heaven Swallowing Demonic Light[18]
  • Celestial Demon Claw[19]
  • Ancestral Mark[20]
  • Demon Moon[21]
  • Heaven Demon Hand[22]
  • Celestial Demon Sun Devouring Technique[23]
  • Purple Moon Slash[24]
  • Great Nine Stars Palm

Secret Spirit Skills








  • Named Lin Diao by Lin Dong once he took his human form.


there is no free lunch in this world, everything comes with a price or a risk.
— Lin Diao to Su Rou [31]


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