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Wu Dong Qian Kun Wikia

The Demon Region and the Chaotic Demon Sea were extremely far apart. Even a Profound Death Stage expert would have to fly for at least half a year in order to travel from one place to the other. Hence, a spatial teleportation array that covered such a great distance, was obviously not something that any ordinary faction could create.[11]

The Demon Region is extremely vast and there are many regions of different sizes. It can be roughly segmented into north, south, east and west regions. This Beast War Region, we are currently at, should be the junction between the western and northern region. That is also why this place is one of the most chaotic areas in the Demon Region.[12]

there is a clear distinction between the various large factions in the other parts of the Demon Region. Although there are conflicts between the various large factions, it is still fairly peaceful.[13]


The Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor managed to unify the Demon Region. The Demonic Beast World was obviously even more chaotic during ancient times. Various warlords reigned over their territories, while many great overlord tribes occupied the land. The accumulated resources and foundations of these tribes were clearly not inferior to the Dragon Tribe. It was not a problem for the Dragon tribe to fight them as equals. However, it would definitely be wishful thinking to unify the Demonic Beast World and make these proud tribes submit.[14]



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Main Regions Xuan Region, Chaotic Demon Sea, Demon Region
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Main Regions Xuan Region, Chaotic Demon Sea, Demon Region