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Wu Dong Qian Kun Wikia

Demonic Black Steel Panther lives in Qingyang Town.


Their entire bodies were pitch-black and it looked like they were wearing a suit of black armour that completely covered every bit of their bodies. When the sun shone on them, a glaring light was reflected off and their verdant eyes revealed a savage and cunning temperament.[4]


Savage and cunning temperament.[5]



Two Demonic Black Steel Panther were protecting the Yang Yuan Stone Lode located in the Steel Wood Manor.[6] One was killed by Lin Zhentian and the other was killed by Lin Xiao and Lin Ken. Upon death they dropped pitch-black crystals.[7]



The are able to summon other wild beasts. Their hides were as hard as steel and their reflexes quick as lightning. Even a Heavenly Yuan human practitioner would find them exceedingly difficult opponents.[8]




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