Fire Python Tigers are Demonic Beasts. When it matures, a Fire Python Tiger's power would be equivalent to a Heavenly Yuan Stage practitioner. They normally live in the deep mountains.

However, an injured one wondered into Qingyang Town and gave birth to three cubs.[4]


A Fire Python Tiger is covered in fur that looked like fire and its head resembled that of a fearsome tiger. Its tail was arched over its back, like a snake ready to pounce, and looked exactly like a flaming python.[5]


Even mortally wounded she was dementerend to protect her cubs.[6]



Lei Li found a Fire Python Tiger that was wounded and just give birth to 3 cubs. Wu Yun came up with a plan to snatch them from Lei Li. He asked Lin Dong to help him.[7] Lin Dong agrees and fights Lei Li over it. Ventually they succeeded in taking all three cubs. The mother eventually died.[8]



The are able to summon other wild beasts.[9]


After birthing cubs she loses a lot of strength.[10]

Known Fire Python TigersEdit



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