Wu Dong Qian Kun Wikia
Wu Dong Qian Kun Wikia

The Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet is the most famous object in the Great Desolate Province. It existed long before the Great Desolate Province. The Great Desolate Province was actually named after it. At that time, the strength of the ancient sect was truly terrifying. In fact, they directly opened up an extremely vast space inside the ancient tablet. Not only are there numerous relics within, the Yuan Power inside is also several times stronger than outside. If one trains there for one day, it will be as effective as training for ten days outside.[6]

It is so precious, that no faction dares to claim it for their own use. Not even the Great Yan Empire royal faction does not dare to claim it.[7]

Every three years, there will be a period of time when the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet seal is at its weakest. That is the best opportunity to enter and hunt for treasures. Therefore, every time this period approaches, countless elite individuals will flock to the Great Desolate Province. These elite individuals not only stem from the Great Yan Dynasty, but also from neighbouring kingdoms as well. Many of them will join in to test their luck and see if they can obtain any treasures.[8]

The Symbol Puppet Lair is an extremely large and circular black cave, that resembled that of a bee’s hive be used to forge Symbol Puppets for their disciples.[9]

Most individuals come for the Manifestation Martial Tablet. Trying their luck in getting a Manifestation Martial Art.[10]

In the middle of that underground palace, was an extremely large and hideous beast.[11]


A nearly one thousand meter long ancient stone tablet, as it silently stood at the deepest region of that vast plain. An boundless and vicissitude ancient aura emerged from it, allowing one to feel just how powerful that ancient sect was.

There were a few ancient and large symbols carved onto that ancient tablet, that were faintly discernible. A terrifying vibration, that seemed powerful enough to rip apart the heavens emerged from them. That vibration caused to understand just how tiny one was.

That ancient tablet stood right in the vast plains and it looked just like the stairways to heavens. It was harsh yet majestic, ancient yet vicissitude.




The tablet is situated the middle of Great Desolate Province. This place is the most crowded area of the Great Desolate Province.[12]


Symbol Puppet Lair

It contains a number of lower and middle grade Symbol Puppets.[13]

Manifestation Martial Tablet

Contains all the Martial Arts the ancient sect possessed.[14]

Underground Palace

Contains at least ten million Pure Yuan Pills within, and even the number of Nirvana Pills is rather large[15]


It has an extremely powerful seal that even a Nirvana Stage practitioner cannot destroy it.[16]

Resources Found


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Landmarks Mysterious Objects Tower, Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, Old Tomb, Ancient Treasure Trove