Heaven Wind Sea Region is located in the north-western region of the Chaotic Demon Sea. This region was quite famous within the Chaotic Demon Sea, and there were also some powerful factions within it. The most well known amongst them were the so-called two great caves and five big clans.[2][3]



Mysterious Spirit IslandEdit

is very far from the East Xuan Continent. Even a Profound Life Stage expert would need half a year in order to fly here. Moreover, that is on the precondition of not meeting any obstructions.[4]

The Mysterious Spirit Mountain was the loftiest mountain in Mysterious Spirit Island. The mountain was tens of thousands of feet tall, and penetrated into the clouds. Mists lingered at the waist of the mountain, blocking anyone who attempted to peek at its peak.[5]

A poisonous fog covers Mysterious Spirit Mountain.[6]

Major FactionsEdit

The so-called two great caves were the Demonic Wind Cave and the Universe Cave. These two large factions were not only the strongest factions within the Heaven Wind Sea Region, but they also possessed a certain reputation even in the entire Chaotic Demon Sea.[7]

The five big clans were five clans with extremely long histories. They were the Wei Clan, Gu Clan, Su Clan, Song Clan, Shentu Clan. These five big clans were rather well known factions within the Heaven Wind Sea Region. Of course, the Chaotic Demon Sea was extremely chaotic, and there were also numerous factions of all sizes in this Heaven Wind Sea Region other than the two great caves and five big clans. Some of them might not be as strong as the five big clans, but they should not be underestimated.[8]

Demonic Wind CaveEdit

Universe CaveEdit

Wei ClanEdit

Gu ClanEdit

Has an expert who has stepped into the Profound Death Stage.[9]

Su ClanEdit

Song ClanEdit

Shentu ClanEdit

is the strongest among the five great clans of the Chaotic Demon Sea. They were the champions of the martial gathering last year.[10]








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