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  1. About Lin Dong
  2. The Lei Family and the Xie Family had a red wedding before it was cool.
  3. Best way to defeat an overpowered opponent?
    1. Fall unconscious
    2. Have Sex
    3. Gain boner-up.
  4. Best way to defeat an overpowered opponent? Have sex, .... unconsciously.
  5. Lin Langtian is a genius.
  6. How big of a cockroach is Lin Langtian? Source
    • Terra Formars level
  7. What do you need to have in order to be king of the world filled with dragons, nine tailed foxes and demon apes.
    • A rat and a tiger.
  8. Xin Qing EOS (End of Series)
  9. Mu Lan
  10. Pro tip for those that are forever alone, visit a tomb of a Nirvana Stage expert.
  11. People with Yuan Dan Stage cultivation being called experts.
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