Lei Bao is the head of the Lei Family.




When Luo Cheng first arrived at Qingyang Town and planned to establish the Raging Blade Dojo, the Lei Family and Xie Family both tried to interfere. Hence Luo Cheng directly went to challenge him In the end, though Luo Cheng ate three of Lei Bao’s palm attacks, he left a blade wound on Lei Bao’s chest. His ferocity and willingness to risk his life caused the Lei and Xie Families to burst out in goosebumps. Thus they could only withdraw.[11]


Qingyang Town Hunt ArcEdit

At the Qingyang Town Hunt he was there to root for his son Lei Li. He came together with Xie Qian. Soon after he started to provoke Lin Zhentian.[12] He signalled the start of the event and also explained the rules.[13]

When the participants went back to the stage he was informed about Lei Li finding Fire Python Tiger. he was enraged. He called Wu Yun a liar which enraged Luo Cheng. Xie Qian proposed to a fight. The winner would take ownership of the cubs. However Lin Zhentian disagrees. he then wagers the Steel Wood Manor. Only then Lin Zhentian agrees to this fight.[14][15] Once Lin Dong started to fight Lei Li he was shocked that Lin Dong was also at Earthly Yuan Early Stage. He now realised that the victory he imagined will be hard fought. He know had the intent to kill Lin Dong.[16]

Lei Bao was shocked as everyone else that Lin Dong actually won against Lei Li. Lin Zhentian then tells Lei Bao to hand over the Steel Wood Manor within half a month’s time.[17]

Steel Wood Manor ArcEdit

Lei Bao was very happy that the Steel Wood Manor is now ruined. he laughs at the Lin Family's misfortune. He tells Lei Pi to go to their contacts in Yan City. he wants them to prevent the Lin Family from selling the Steel Wood.[18]

After returning from his trip to Yan City, Lei Pi gave Lei Bao his report. Lei Pi tells him that the Lin Family sold hundreds of Yang Yuan Stones. Lei Pi comes to the conclusion that the Lin Family must have a Yang Yuan Stone mining lode. This statement shocked everyone in the Lei Family. Lei Bao ordered that all movements of the Lin Family needs to be monitored.[19]

The news of the Black Dragon Stockage destruction came to his attention. Lei Pi tells Lei Bao that the reason the raid on the Steel Wood Manor failed was because duo to Lin Dong. With a hesitant voice he told Lei Bao that Lin Dong had advanced to Heavenly Yuan Stage. Lei Bao was shocked as he found this inconceivable. Faced with this he orders Lei Pi to find a way to kill Lin Dong. At the main time Lei Bao was aiming for a breakthrough.[20]



  • Qingyang Town





Martial Arts SkillsEdit







Lin Family Vs. Lei FamilyEdit

  • Lei Bao (Initial Yuan Dan Stage) Vs. Lin Zhentian (Initial Yuan Dan Stage):[23] Lin Zhentian won.[24]



  • "When one has many worries, it’s hard to live a long life".[25]
    • Lei Bao to Lin Zhentian when the latter is worked up.
  • "It’s only natural to experience wins and losses in martial arts duels. If he cannot even handle this loss, how can he expect to amount to anything in future?".[26]
    • Lei Bao regarding Lei Li's loss to Lin Dong.



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