Lei Li is a member of the Lei Family.


He is very tall and well-built.[14]



He reached Tempered Body 8th Layer four months ago. He is now probably Tempered Body 9th Layer. He became Xie Yingying fiancé. And later married.[15][16]


Qingyang Town Hunt ArcEdit

When he arrived at the market place in Qingyang Town, The Lin Family had already a fallen out with the Xie Family. he tells everyone that he will deal with this situation as he smiles towards Xie Yingying. He turns his attentions then towards Lin Dong as he tells him that if it were not for the interventions by Raging Blade Dojo, the Lin Family would have already been chased out of Qingyang Town. However Lin Dong casually responded that it is only due to their alliance with the Xie Family that they wouldn't dare to say this. Lei Li wasn't planning on settling this with words. He was stronger that Lin Dong and quickly made his move. He was surprised however by Lin Dong's mastery of the Penetrating Fist.[17]

He was more shocked that Lin Dong didn't end up being in a disadvantages position after their clash. he was about to attack Lin Dong again as the Raging Blade Dojo appeared. he was very displeased with Wu Yun's intervention. The altercation came to a stop when Wang Jin appeared and told them to go home.[18]

When the Qingyang Town Hunt event was about to start Lei Li tells Lin Dong that he will be waiting for him.[19] Once started Lei Li along with Xie Yingying found a Fire Python Tiger. The Fire Python Tiger was wounded and had just given birth. They both respectively lead their group to attack it. When they thought that they had won Lin Dong's group attacked. This greatly shocked and enraged them. Lei Li immediately clashed with Lin Dong.[20] However he was shocked that Lin Dong was at Earthly Yuan Early Stage. Xie Yingying tells Lei Li that Wu Yun was taking the cubs. He tells her to deal with Wu Yun. However it was too late. Lin Dong then left as well. Lei Li vowed to kill Lin Dong.[21]

Once back to the stage he tells his grandfather about this. He tells that he found the Fire Python Tiger cubs first and are therefor his. Xie Qian proposed a fight. However Lin Zhentian only agreed to it after Lei Bao wagered the Steel Wood Manor.[22] Lei Li was very pleased that he now has a chance to deal with Lin Dong.[23] However his smile didn't last long. Soon he discovered that Lin Dong was not only at the same cultivation level as him, but Lin Dong reached a high level of perfection in martial arts.[24]



  • Qingyang Town





Martial Arts SkillsEdit





Yuan PowerEdit

Group Rank Obtained By Using Chapter Arc Extra
Tempered Body Tempered Body 8th Layer / 28[28] Qingyang Town Hunt Arc
Tempered Body Tempered Body 9th Layer / 34[29] Qingyang Town Hunt Arc About 4 months from previous rank
Earthly Yuan Stage Earthly Yuan Early Stage / 43[30] Qingyang Town Hunt Arc 2 months from previous rank



One month after Lin Family CompetitionEdit

  • Lei Li (Tempered Body 9th Layer Vs. Lin Dong (Tempered Body 8th Layer): Intervened.[32]

Qingyang Town HuntEdit

  • Lin Dong (Earthly Yuan Stage) Vs. Lei Li (Earthly Yuan Stage:[33] Draw.[34]
  • Lin Dong (Earthly Yuan Stage) Vs. Lei Li (Earthly Yuan Stage):[35] Lin Dong Won.[36]



  • "Since you delivered yourself straight into my hands, don’t blame me!".[37]
    • Lei Li to Lin Dong as the latter appeared before the former.



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