Lin Dong is the main protagonist of Wu Dong Qian Kun.


Lin Family Competition ArcEdit

Lin Dong once again was defeated by Lin Shan because the latter blames Lin Dong's father of the shame that has befallen on the family. Because his father is crippled by his last fight against Lin Langtian, Lin Dong vowed that he will get in the top 3 spots of the family competition in order to get a 3rd grade elixir called Vermilion Blood Clotting. This could possibly heal his fathers injuries.[13]

Lin Dong is training for a while now but is still only a Tempered Body 2nd Layer. He needs to get stronger and therefore trains in the mountain peak which engulfed in thick white fog. Behind the mountain peak there is a forest. There in the middle of the forest Lin Dong is hanging on a tree branch and is pulling his body up and down. At the same time he is also doing strange poses in order to utilise all the muscles in his body. In order to make his training more difficult he adds pitch-black iron weights to his arms and ankles. While others would take a break and rest, he continues his training. After all, he has only 6 months time left before the family competition. When he is getting tired and the thought crosses his mind to take a break, he remembers his fathers words. "only during this time, will one be able to break through his limits." He is feeling dizzy and nauseous. Suddenly, he felt a strange heat gushing from within his body, and immediately this feeling refreshed him and lifted his spirits. This is because of the Red Ginseng he ingested a few days ago. His body has now become twice as strong. However Lin Dong is unable to absorb all of the medicinal effects of the elixir. Hence, some of the medicinal effects remained hidden within the deepest parts of his body. Only when Lin Dong’s body was pushed to the extremes, would it finally be squeezed out and devoured by his hungry body. Then he could feel that he finally reached Tempered Body 3rd Layer. His father sees that Lin Dong has reached Tempered Body 3rd Layer and tells that he is now eligible to learn Martial Arts. His father teaches him the Penetrating Fist. Lin Dong is very excited and starts watching his father executing this technique. After only seeing it a few times his father notices that his son is very perceptive as he starting to comprehend the technique at a very fast rate. He also notices that his son has an unrelenting willpower that even surpasses his in his prime. At the end of the day Lin Dong manages to sound one echo.[14]

After learning the Penetrating Fist he went back to the secret cave. He had some wounds and some blood fell into the pool located in this cave. The water became red and had healing properties.[15] He found a Stone Talisman in the ceiling of the cave.[16] He took it with him. He comes back to the cave every day to bath in the pool. He then notices that the pool is saturating. Lin Changqiang then tells him that Lin Shan is bullying Qing Tan. This enrages Lin Dong.[17] After some time he finds Lin Shan. The latter attacks Lin Dong, but much to Lin Shan surprise Lin Dong is now Tempered Body 4th Layer. Enraged he uses his Falling Rock Fist. However Lin Dong was able to counter it with his Penetrating Fist.[18] He was easily able to defeat Lin Shan. However, before he falls on the ground, his older brother Lin Hong saves him. He suddenly attacks Lin Dong who was forced to take 10 steps back. The battle was intervened by Lin Xia.[19] Lin Hong and his brother then left. Lin Xia tells Lin Dong not to attack Lin Hong as he reached Tempered Body 6th Layer 3 months ago.[20]

Back home Qing Tan suddenly collapses and is emitting a chilling cold. Lin Dong takes her in his arms andwants to call his father. Qing Tan however refuses. Lin Dong takes her to her bed as the Stone Talisman suddenly is sucking all the chilling cold. The chilling cold has subsided. Three milky white bean-sized crystals appeared from the small crevice in the middle of the Stone Talisman. The chilling cold within these pearls was almost the same as the chilling cold within Qing Tan’s body, except the chill from the crystals seemed much more gentle. The Yin Energy contained within these pearls did not have the violent nature of the one observed in Qing Tan’s body. In fact, it could even be possible for one to absorb the Yin Energy from the pearls into one’s body.[21]

A few days as passed. Ever since Lin Ding displayed his strength, Lin Shan hasn't shown himself again. He continues his training. He can now easily generate 9 echo's and regarding the tenth, he has a grater understanding of it. If he is exhausted he uses the rock pool again. Then a week has passed and Lin Dong can't find a window to give some of the Red Liquid of the Stone Talisman to his father. He then just gives him the medicine mixed with Light Green Herb Qing Tan found. It worked as most of Lin Xiao's injuries has now healed.[22] For a month he continues to add red liquid from the Stone Talisman.Lin Xiao has now fully recovered. Meanwhile, Lin Dong has now reached Tempered Body 5th Layer. His strength and power had been greatly enhanced.[23]

Since he stepped into Tempered Body 5th Layer his training speed has slowed down. He had no choice but to consuming the red liquid from the Stone Talisman without diluting it. If one was not careful, such a potent Ling Qi may instead do more harm than good. An intolerable burning sensation struck Lin Dong in every part of his body that the lava passed. It lasted for a full ten minutes before it gradually receded. Then a sudden cooling medicinal effect appeared. This medicinal effect quickly infused itself into his bones, causing him to faintly feel slightly numb, as if something had entered into the deepest part of his bones. Since he had tasted the benefits from directly consuming the Stone Talisman Ling Liquid, Lin Dong decided that he will consume one drop of Stone Talisman Ling Liquid every four days. Half a month later, Lin Dong takes a break from Tempered Body training. He asked Lin Xia to teach him more martial arts. He teaches him the Eight Desolations Palm.[24]

In order to train the The Eight Desolations Palm, he goes back to the mountains. As opponents he targets wild beeasts in the mountain. He already killed several of them as he then spots a Scorpion Tiger. However what Lin Dong interests more is what it is protecting. A Grade 3 Elixir called Crystal Vermillion Fruit.[25] 2 months later he is able to couple strength and gentleness of Eight Desolations Palm. It now rivaled that of Penetrating Fist tenth echo. During these two months by continuously absorbing the Ling Liquid of the Stone Talisman directly, he is now able to endure two drops. He then advanced to Tempered Body 7th Layer as he then suddenly feels his Yuan Power Seed growing. The glowing walnut-sized light ball, slowly coursing through his body. Moreover, a mysterious suction force gushed out, and thanks to this suction force, traces of extremely mild energy within the surrounding Heaven and Earth were slowly moving in accordance with Lin Dong’s breathing and pouring into his body. The Yuan Power Seed was larger than normal by over ten times.[26]

At the Lin Family Competition He easily defeated his first 3 opponents. Lin Zhentian the ended the tournament after the fight between Lin Hong and Lin Xia ended in a draw. He believed that the rankings wouldn't change. However to everyone surprise Lin Dong Challenges Lin Hong.[27] To everyone surprise Lin Dong won. Lin Mang was angered and intervened. Lin Xiao was angered that Lin Mang intervened and stepped in. Lin Zhentian stepped in to stop the fight between fathers. Lin Zhentian then allowed Lin Dong, Lin Hong and Lin Xia to enter the Martial Arts Library.[28]

Qingyang Town Hunt ArcEdit

At the dinner table Lin Xiao asks Lin Dong how he was able to advance to Tempered Body 7th Layer. He tells that he only advanced de night before the competition. Lin Xiao tells that successively advancing 5 Layers in half a year was extremely remarkable in Qingyang Town, and even the whole Lin Clan. Lin Dong's father is still suspicious and aks if he took some elixirs. Lin Dong quickly comes up with an excuse. He tells that two months ago, when he was training in the woods, he found a golden fruit and ate it. At that time, it did not seem to have any effect. Lin Xiao knew that something was off. But he let the matter go. He tells Lin Dong to continue his training for the Qingyang Town Hunt. He tells Lin Dong about the hunt and the other factions. Lin Xiao then takes a box he received from his father. It contains Two Grade 3 Elixirs.[29] Lin Dong went to his room and opened the box. He uses some of the elixirs he has stored. He then takes his leave towards the Martial Arts Library. There stood some guards but they quickly recognised Lin Dong and were already expecting them. Inside he finds several Level 1 and Level 2 Martial Arts. Lin Xia tells him that the Level 3 martial arts are located in the deepest parts. Although leading him to the deeper parts, she tells him that if one had not reached Earthly Yuan Stage, it would be unwise to train in Level 3 martial arts or higher. Lin Dong looks around and finds some Level 3 martial arts. He then stops at an incomplete Wonder Gate Seal.[30] Lin Xia tells that this martial art manual was coincidentally found by Grandpa. However, as the description says, this martial art manual is incomplete. If you really want to learn a Grade 3 martial art, I suggest that you learn something else. She also tells him that many in the Lin Family tried to learn it. However, only Lin Zhentian and Lin Xiao managed to. Ultimately they still abandoned it. However Lin Dong tells her that he will give it a try and if it doesn't work he will change it with an other one. She also gives Lin Dong some background on the younger generation of the major factions. Including her anger with Xie Yingying. Then he went home.[31] Back home he was excited to know whether or not the Stone Talisman could complete the Wonder Gate Seal. He was delighted when he saw the 2nd chapter. This however he quickly panicked as he notices the glowing shadow is slowing down and is fading. He deduces that the power source in the Stone Talisman is empty.[32] He knows that the are two ways to provide energy. Elixirs and Yuan Power. He deduces it can't be the first as the Stone Talisman refines Elixirs. He then gives it Yuan Power. However this isn't easy as his control over his Yuan Power is still weak. After draining him almost of all his Yuan Power; the Stone Talisman then embedded itself into Lin Dong's palm. The Stone Talisman starts to light slightly more.[33]

After testing the Wonder Gate Seal eats up a lot of Yuan Power. He wants to advance to Tempered Body 9th Layer as this will provide him with more Yuan Power. He also went through most of his resources. Suddenly Qing Tan appears. She tells him that she has Yuan Power. Lin Dong is shocked. This implies that she must have advanced to Tempered Body 6th Layer. When Lin Dong tested her he confirms it. He deduces that this must be from the chilling cold in her body. Qing Tan asks Lin Dong if they could go to the bazaar. At which Lin Dong agrees.[34] When entering the bazaar they both are stunned with the amount of people and shops there are. Lin Dong takes the opportunity to sell some of the Red Liquid of the Stone Talisman in order to get some grade 3 Elixirs. He managed to get 5 of them. Suddenly they see Lin Shan running and falling. He was bruised like he was at the losing end of a fight. He tells Lin Dong that they are being attacked by the Xie Family's younger generation.[35] They immediately went as Lin Shan was explaining everything in detail. Lin Xia and Lin Hong were about to be attacked by the Xie Family as Lin Dong intervened. Lin Dong asks Lin Xia and Lin Hong if everything is ok. Ignoring Xie Ting. This made the latter made as she isn't used to being treated as air. To Make Lin Dong made she tells about Lin Dong's father as she tells that he was useless. It works as she has now Lin Dong's full attention. A member of the Xie Family who was at Tempered Body 7th Layer attacked Lin Dong. Lin Dong quickly defeated that person. Angered 2 other people at Tempered Body 7th Layer attacked Lin Dong. However Lin Dong doesn't have any problems with them. Seeing this they realise that Lin Dong is at Tempered Body 8th Layer.[36]

Everyone was stunned that Lin Dong dared to hit Xie Ting. Both Xie Yingying and Lei Li appeared. Lei Li wasn't planning on settling this with words. He was stronger that Lin Dong and quickly made his move. He was surprised however by Lin Dong's mastery of the Penetrating Fist.[37] Lin Dong didn't end up in a disadvantages position after their clash which shocked Lei Li and the others. Lei Li was about to attack Lin Dong again as the Raging Blade Dojo appeared. The altercation came to a stop when Wang Jin appeared and told them to go home.[38]

He thanked Wu Yun and left. Back home it was time for the monthly Lin Family’s Gathering. The altercation with the Lei Family and the Xie Family was hot topic. They were surprised that Lin Dong could handle Lei Li. Lin Zhentian praised Lin Dong for his achievements.[39] Back home he takes out the items he bought and starts to refine them using the Stone Talisman. This is also the first time that Lin Dong realises that the Qingyang Town is too small for him. because of the altercation Lin Dong's reputation now exceeded Lin Xia’s and Lin Hong.[40] After he advanced to the 9th Layer, he wanted to immediately try for Earthly Yuan level. Which many people would consider insane. This would also allow Lin Dong to learn secret arts. Lin Dong was imparting some martial arts to Qing Tan and she had nearly mastered them. He was shocked at how rapidly she was advancing.[41]

Suddenly the Stone Talisman reacted to Qing Tan. Lin Dong was being attacked by the Chilling Cold. Under the invasion of the Chilling Cold, Lin Dong gradually began to lose consciousness. However, just before he blacked out, the Stone Talisman embedded within his palm finally made its move. he was however pleasantly surprised that he advanced to Earthly Yuan stage.[42]

It was the day of the Qingyang Town Hunt Event. Lin Dong however wasn't too worried. Because of his strength the monsters and demonic beasts in the forest wouldn't pose a treat to him. At the event Wu Yun asks Lin Dong to cooperate with him. If the Lei Family and the Xie Family work together it will become very difficult. Lin Dong agrees to it. When the event was about to start Lei Li tells Lin Dong that he will be waiting for him.[43] Soon after the start of the event Lin Dong found himself under attack by three people. Soon after two more attacked. He was then found by Wu Yun and the latter proposed to work together. They along with Mu Lingsha worked together in order to deal with the Fire Python Tiger and take its cubs.[44]

Lin Dong's group found the Fire Python Tiger. It was under attack by the Lei Family and the Xie Family. Lin Dong makes the decision to wait until the tiger mother dies. When that happened they attacked. Lei Li responded and immediately clashed with Lin Dong.[45] Lin Dong easily blocks it. When Wu Yun successfully took the cubs he left. Once safe they look at their spoils and divided them. Wu Yun tells Lin Dong that he contributed the most and that he can choose first. The Stone Talisman reacted towards one of the cubs and Lin Dong choose that one.[46] Once finished they head back to the stage. Xie Qian proposed a fight. However Lin Zhentian only agreed to it after Lei Bao wagered the Steel Wood Manor.[47]

Lin Dong fought Lei Li head on. Everyone was shocked that he was at Earthly Yuan Early Stage.[48] It was not an easy fight. Lin Dong had to use the Wonder Gate Seal.[49] After his victory he no longer participated in the hunt as there would be no point to it.[50]

Back home Lin Zhentian asks Lin Dong about the Wonder Gate Seal. He responded that he merely improved it. After this he thought the others the second part of the Wonder Gate Seal.[51] As usual Lin Dong continues his training. He was testing out the Chun Yuan Finger he just learned. Lin Zhentian gave him the Secret Arts manual as well.[52]

Steel Wood Manor ArcEdit

Back home Lin Dong named his Fire Python Tiger Little Flame. He fed Little Flame the Stone Talisman Ling Liquid every day. This caused his growth rate to be increased. During this month Lin Dong was continuously absorbing the Yin Energy from Qing Tan’s body. After he advanced to Earthly Yuan Stage, Lin Dong needed a vast amount of Yin Energy.[53] A month and a half after the Qingyang Town Hunt, Lin Dong advanced to Earthly Yuan Middle Stage.

It has been a month since Lin Dong saw his father. His father tells him that the Lei Family still haven't cede ownership of the Steel Wood Manor to them. Lin Zhentian wasn't willing to wait any longer and a day later he would go send an armed group to the Lei Family. Lin Dong asks his father if he can tag along.[54] On the way to the Lei Family Lin Dong used Little Flame as his steed. At the Steel Wood Manor they saw that the manor was guarded by Lei Nuo and Lei Ying. Lin Dong deduces that there must be a motive for this delay and goes on his own to find out. He asks Qin Ying to come with him.[55]

He was shocked to discover that the lei Family not only cut down the trees, but also poisoned the ground. However he was worried about dealing with two Earthly Yuan Early Stage experts. he asks Qin Ying to signal his father. Soon after he was discovered by Dai En. The latter moved in to stop him.[56] Dai En soon attacks Lin Dong with the aid of one other. However Lin Dong easily defeated him. Qin Ying quickly grabbed Lin Dong but the latter pushed him away.[57]

Lin Dong was being targeted by Lei Shan only to be rescued by Lin Xiao.[58] Back home Qing Tan took Lin Dong outside after Lin Zhentian was enraged after he heard about the devastation of the Steel Wood Manor. While walking he and Qing Tan comes in contact with Demonic Black Steel Panthers. Lin Dong makes the decision to avoid it. However he did find a Yang Yuan Stone.[59]

Back home he shows the Yang Yuan Stone to Lin Zhentian. However he thought that Lin Dong found only one stone. Lin Dong tells him that he found a lode which shocked him greatly. Lin Dong then brought his father, grandfather and Lin Ken to the lode. They eventually found it.[60] Lin Dong realised that he lacked strength. If not for his father he would have had it very difficult to win. Over the months Lin Dong had been fighting the Green Wind Wolf. Lin Dong hears from his father that they will go to Yan City. Lin Dong asks if he can go as well.[61]

Lin Dong took three pieces of Yang Yuan Stones. However he was surprised to see that it was absorbed by the Stone Talisman. After that he grabbed three pieces of Yang Yuan Stones. After some testing Lin Dong discovered that the refining by the Stone Talisman is more efficient. Therefor he decided to not tell anyone about this. Finally Lin Dong reached the rank of Earthly Yuan Late Stage.[62]

The trip to Yan City was very important to the Lin Family. Therefor Lin Zhentian planned to lead the group. Lin Xiao and Lin Mang joined the group as well. On the way to the major city, Lin Xiao tells his son not to provoke anyone. There are some people they simply can't afford to offend. In Yan City he comes across a famous landmark, the Mysterious Objects Tower. Once inside he is stunned at all the different types of items he could buy there.[63]

A merchant comes to Lin Dong and explains some of the type of items they have. Especially the Qian Kun Bags. As it seems Lin Dong was interested in them. In the end Lin Dong bought the level Qian Kun bag.[64] Qing Xu had noticed the value of the pills Lin Dong sold and she wanted to buy them from Lin Dong. However Lin Dong tells that he doesn't have any more of those pills. Lin Dong end up fighting her bodyguard. Only for Grand Master Yan to step in. He wanted Lin Dong to become his disciple.[65]

Lin Dong was stunned by this offer. Lin Dong didn't know this man and therefor he tactfully refused. Grand Master Yan gives Lin Dong a book and a Talisman. After this Lin Dong left. He meets up with his father and asks how it went. Lin Xiao responded that it went well.[66]

Back home Lin Dong gave Qing Tan a crystal-like bracelet as a gift. He gained 5 Yang Yuan Pills. Which were given to him by Lin Zhentian. In his room he takes out the gifts he got from Grand Master Yan. Lin Dong starts training his Mental Energy for the first time.[67]

After two months Lin Dong mastered the first chapter of the Spiritual Movement Chapter.[68] Two months later he received information that the Black Dragon Stockage are planning to attack their transport. This topic was brought up in a meeting. Lin Zhentian makes the decision to lead this transport himself and take Lin Xiao and Lin Mang with him. Lin Ken would leave behind in order to protect the Steel Wood Manor. He also tells Lin Dong that he is not allowed to tag along in this trip.[69]

Lin Dong walked to the training arena within the manor. There, were Lin Xia, Lin Hong and other younger generation members while some of them were currently duelling with each other. After some time Lin Hong let go of his pride and asked Lin Dong for martial arts. This shocked everyone. Lin Dong agrees.[70]

Not much later Lin Dong realised that they are under attack. Lin Ken realised this as well. They saw that it was the Black Dragon Stockade. In face of this attack Lin Dong asks Qing Tan to protect Lin Xia, Lin Hong and the rest. After Lin Dong she was the strongest of the Lin Family's younger generation. Lin Dong steps in to deal with Wu Sha.[71]

Wu Sha laughs at Lin Dong for attempting to stop him. In his eyes Lin Dong is only a mere brat. Qin Ying was worried about Lin Dong as the latter went in to stop Wu Sha. He wanted Lin Dong to leave. Lin Dong tells Qin Ying to bring his men to deal with the other Black Dragon Stockade bandits. Wu Sha smile disappeared as Lin Dong revealed that he was at Earthly Yuan Late Stage. Now that the became enemies with the Lin Family there was no turning back. Lin Dong growth was a major treat to them. So he needed to kill Lin Dong here and now. Lin Dong was soon forced to use the Wonder Gate Seal, Third Chapter.[72]

Wu Sha was lying on the ground. He knew he had lost. Suddenly Yang Energy was entering Lin Dong's body. The latter was advancing to Heavenly Yuan Early Stage. Lin Ken orders Qin Ying to protect Lin Dong at all cost as he is advancing. Qin Ying and the others were successful in protecting Lin Dong long enough for him to advance to Heavenly Yuan Early Stage.[73]

Soon after his breakthrough he leads the charge against the Black Dragon Stockage. Thanks to him the morale of the Lin Family is at an all-time high. The Black Dragon Stockage eventually retreated. The Raging Blade Dojo arrived but the battle was already won.[74]

Lin Zhentian's group came back from their trip to Yan City. Lin Ken tells them that Lin Dong managed to defeat Wu Sha. What more he tells them that Lin Dong advanced to Heavenly Yuan Stage. Lin Zhentian immediately grabbed Lin Dong's hand to check. Lin Zhentian was ecstatic. He tells Lin Dong to go stabilise his cultivation.[75]

Lin Dong, Lin Xia and Lin Hong ware seeing off Lin Zhentian. The latter went to destroy the Black Dragon Stockage. Lin Xia tells that she and Lin Hong should be able to break through to Earthly Yuan Stage in two months time. After they came back Lin Xiao said that the Black Dragon Stockage no longer exists. Lin Dog had the first pick from the collection the Lin Family retrieved from the Black Dragon Stockage.[76]

Lin Family Vs. Lei Family ArcEdit

Back home Lin Dong was looking at the spoils of war he obtained. At the same time he was contemplating on how to obtain Yang Energy. He could obtain Ying Energy from Qing Tan, but wat about Yang Energy. Lin Dong was testing out the Shattering Yuan Shrapnels. he was very pleased with this. Later, Qin Ying comes to Lin Dong to tell him that a worker had found something while mining the Yang Yuan Stones. Lin Dong went to take a look.[77]

Lin Dong wanted to go in deeper. Qin Ying wanted to stop him but then remembered that Lin Dong's strength surpassed his. Little Flame went in as well.[78] He found a crimson red flower and tried to take it. Suddenly a mist surrounded Lin Dong’s body, he suddenly felt his consciousness fade away as a sensation of extreme exhaustion emerged from his body. It was almost as if the life force within his body him was being forcefully sucked away. Lin Dong was frantically rolling around on the floor. Little Flame didn't dare to approach him. Lin Dong remembers the Spiritual Movement Chapter and uses it to circulate his Mental Energy. he was stunned to discover that he opened the NiWan Palace.[79]

He noticed that for him it seems to be easier to train Mental Energy compared to Yuan Power. Lin Dong directly absorbs the Yang Energy. Shocking Lin Zhentian and the others. He offers Lin Zhentian and the others to aid him in absorbing the Yang Energy.[80]

Lin Dong advanced to Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage. Lin Dong was smiling. After all it took him two months. Little Flame's growth rate increased even further. Lin Dong theorised that this rapid progress and changes were likely related to the fiery-red pearl that it devoured. At the same time Lin Dong was aiding Lin Zhentian in his breakthrough. He asks the latter how much longer he needs. Lin Zhentian believes that he still needs two months. While Lin Zhentian was in retreat he went to the bazaar in order to get more elixirs.[81]

Lin Dong was about to go home as he discovered something was amiss. This was because there was not a soul in sight on this street. Lin Dong was surprised by a sneak attack. Lin Dong realised that someone is trying to murder him. He was stunned to discover that they were men from the Lei Family. He dispatched 10 men from the Lei Family. Suddenly Lei Pi appears and wants to kill Lin Dong personally.[82]


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