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*Killed [[Pang Hao]]<ref>[ Killed Pang Hao:【WDQK】Chapter 987 – Ruthless]</ref>
*Killed [[Pang Hao]]<ref>[ Killed Pang Hao:【WDQK】Chapter 987 – Ruthless]</ref>
*Killed [[Li Lei]], [[Huo Yuan]] and [[Chen Ling]]<ref>[ Killed Li Lei, Huo Yuan and Chen Ling:【WDQK】Chapter 991 – Murder]</ref>
*Killed [[Li Lei]], [[Huo Yuan]] and [[Chen Ling]]<ref>[ Killed Li Lei, Huo Yuan and Chen Ling:【WDQK】Chapter 991 – Murder]</ref>
*Killed [ Xu Xiu] and [ Hua Chen] (Implied<ref></ref>, Confirmed<ref></ref>)
*Killed Incomplete merged consciousness of 3 Yimo Flase Kings<ref>[ Lin Dong Vs. Incomplete merged consciousness of 3 Yimo Kings:【WDQK】Chapter 1059 – Inheritance]</ref>
*Killed Incomplete merged consciousness of 3 Yimo Flase Kings<ref>[ Lin Dong Vs. Incomplete merged consciousness of 3 Yimo Kings:【WDQK】Chapter 1059 – Inheritance]</ref>
*Killed [[Xu Zhong]]<ref>[ Lin Dong Vs. Xu Zhong:【WDQK】Chapter 1070 – Kill]</ref>
*Killed [[Xu Zhong]]<ref>[ Lin Dong Vs. Xu Zhong:【WDQK】Chapter 1070 – Kill]</ref>

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Lin Dong is the main protagonist of Wu Dong Qian Kun.

He is also rank one on the super sect most wanted list.


Lin Dong is a smart person who is kind to who he sees as friends. However he is ruthless towards the ones he sees as enemies. He is not afraid to take risks and challenge strong opponents if they did him wrong. Early in the series he was unskilled and was bullied a lot by Lin Shan. However he was diligent in his training and didn't lose faith when encountering a setback. He challenged Lin Shan multiple times just to see his progress.[13]


He never travelled more than 160.934 km from Qingyang Town.[14]

He watched the fight between his father and Lin Langtian.[15]

In his younger days, he and Qing Tan found a Secret Cave. Lin Dong loves to come here because it was cool and refreshing.[16]


  • Getting in the top 3 of the Lin Family Competition.[17] (Completed).[18]
  • Killing Lin Langtian who is responsible for crippling his father. (Completed)
  • Protecting the Lin family.
  • Conquering the heart of Ling Qingzhu. (Completed)
  • Winning the Hundred Empire War. (Completed)
  • Comprehend the Great Desolation Scripture. (Completed)[19]
  • Bring back at least two Ancestral Symbols to eradicate the King rank Yimo inside the Great Desolation Tablet.(Completed)
  • Winning the Great Sect Competition.(Completed)
  • Destroy Yuan Gate. (Completed)


  • Qingyang Town (former)
  • Yan City (former)



  • Lin Jing (Children come first, ALWAYS!)

Sworn Brothers


  • Ling Qingzhu (Wife in The Great Ruler, and mother of his daughter) [Sexual Attraction only, Initially]
  • Ying Huanhuan (Reincarnated and second wife in The Great Ruler) [Emotional Attraction only, Initially]


  • Qing Tan (So beautiful, it makes you regret she isn't waifu!)



  • Lin Shan[20] (former): He bullied Lin Dong after Lin Dong's father was crippled by Lin Langtian.
  • Lin Langtian[21]: He crippled Lin Dong's father in the Ten-Year Clan Gathering of the Lin Clan. Lin Xiao was defeated in one move. After his defeat Lin Langtian gathered his without mercy his Yuan force to ravage the insides of Lin Xiao body. Lin Dong witnessed this scene (Even though he never travelled more than 160.934 km from Qingyang Town before the start of the novel, but the author seems to have forgotten this, a common theme in the novel).
  • Lin Hong[22] (former): Lin Dong has a strained relationship with Lin Hong. He is friendly on the surface. However he is more fiendish than Lin Shan. He is known as the tyrant within the younger generation in the Lin Family. The hatred deepened as Lin Hong wanted to engage to Qing Tan.
  • Emperor of Yimo
  • Wang Tong
  • Teng Lei
  • Yuan Gate



  • Diligent in training.[25]
  • Battle sense.
  • Perceptive in learning martial arts.[26]
  • Able to battle on equal terms with those who are somewhat of higher rank, and annihilate those of similar or lower ranks.
  • Able to execute the multiple Martial Arts (Poly-utilisation).[27][28]
  • Innate gift for comprehending Mental Energy.[29]
  • Extreme Luck[30]
  • Unyielding persistence, indomitable resilience and extreme multitasking abilities[31][32][33][34]


  • Easily makes enemies.
  • Limited resources (former).
  • Commanding other people.


[Note: Lin Dong often killed numerous unidentified people, so the actual amount of people he killed far exceeds that which is shown on this list, so if you are worried that Lin Dong is some sort of emotionally weak-hearted, pathetic idiot that has an emotional breakdown and ethical dilemma every two chapters, don't be. I'm pretty sure he killed a few people for funsies! Enjoy!]



  • ”Fortune never arrives in pairs. Disaster never strikes alone”.[83]
    • Lin dong mentioning Lin Xiao loss to Lin Langtian.
  • "Possessing treasure is no sin, but it will often lead to trouble".[84]
    • Lin Dong after discovering the Rock Pool.
  • "This time, I will make sure to thrash you until you lose all face to bring up this issue ever again".[85]
    • Lin Dong to Lin Hong after Lin Dong loses the fight.
  • "There will always be a price to pay for speaking without thinking first".[86]
  • "At the end of the day, whoever is stronger reigns".[87]
    • Lin Dong to Xie Ting after he had slapped the latter.
  • "It’s too early to be discussing how to split the spoils".[88]
    • Lin Dong to Wu Yun as the latter was discussing how to split the spoils.
  • "Respect is earned. Since you are so shameless, why should I bother respecting you"?[89]
  • "Trash truly spews too much garbage!".[90]
    • Lin Dong to Wei Tong as the latter wants to get this fight over with.
  • "These so-called rules are merely about whose fist is bigger. A prostitute does not need to carry a signboard right? We are all learned people here, why bother beating about the bush?".[91]
    • Lin Dong to Gui Yan as the latter wasn't willing to show their hand.
  • "So much rubbish. Please, give me some pointers!".[92]
    • Lin Dong to Gui Yan as the latter tells Lin Dong that he doesn't belong here.
  • “Taotie lives up to its reputation. It taste quite good…” (Chapter 606)
  • “There is no free lunch in this world.” (Chapter 661)
  • “Nice to meet you. I’m Lin Dong from the Great Yan Empire.” (Chapter 755)
  • "I have walked all of Reincarnation solely to meet you.No matter what, no matter how great the cost, even if I have to ascend the heavens or descend to the depths of hell,I will bring you back!"-To Ying Huanhuan (Chapter 1305)



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