After going to take a test to gauge his progress, Lin Dong is once again being bullied by Lin Shan. Lin Shan is a half a year older than him and has access to better resources. Therefor Lin Shan feels superior than Lin Dong. By mere accident Lin Dong finds a godly object which he calls the Stone Talisman. It has miracles effects. Such as increasing training speed.

Lin Dong is enraged when he hears that Lin Shan is bulling his sister Qing Tan. Coupled with the fact that Lin Dong owes Lin Shan he aims to challenge him again and add the interest. For the first time Lin Dong manages to defeat Lin Shan only for his bigger brother to come to his aid.

Lin Dong vows that in the upcoming Lin Family Competition he will not only showcase his strength, but also repay Lin Hong some debt.

In the meantime Qing Tan is suffering from a chilling cold.

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Novel Chapter 1Edit

  • Lin Dong's family tree is told.
  • Information is given about Cultivation Stages.
  • Lin Dong's father was crippled by Lin Langtian.

Novel Chapter 2Edit

Novel Chapter 3Edit

  • Lin Dong found a Secret Cave(Rock Pool) when he was younger.
  • The cave has healing properties and increases concentration.

Novel Chapter 4Edit

  • Rock Pool water exceeded the effects of Level 3 Elixirs.

Novel Chapter 5Edit

  • Lin Dong finds a Stone Talisman.
  • Lin dong takes the stone talisman with him.
  • Lin dong is 14 years old.
  • Lin dong has an adopted sister Qing Tan.
  • Qing Tan name was given by Liu Yan.
  • Qing Tan is 14 years old.
  • The stone talisman has its own domain.
  • The stone talisman has a figure showcasing an improved version of Penetrating fist.
  • Shadow figure in stone loops the execution of the technique.

Novel Chapter 6Edit

  • Lin Xiao needed 2 months in order to be able to produce 6 echo's.

Novel Chapter 7Edit

  • In the stone talisman every five days, a little crevice would be filled with a drop of Red Liquid.

Novel Chapter 8Edit

Novel Chapter 9Edit

  • Lin Hong is Lin Shan’s elder brother.

Novel Chapter 10Edit

  • Lin Zhentian sometimes teaches Lin Xia Martial Arts personally.

Novel Chapter 11Edit

Novel Chapter 14Edit

  • Yin Pearl contains Grade 5 Yin Energy.
  • Yuan Dan Stage consist of nine ranks termed as the Nine Stars of Yuan Dan.
  • Yin and Yang Energy can be classified into nine grades. Grade 1 being the lowest, while Grade 9 being the highest.
  • The Yin Energy Lin Xiao absorbed was merely Grade 3.

Novel Chapter 15Edit

  • 10th echo of Penetrating Fist comparable to that of Lower Category Level 3 Martial Arts.

Novel Chapter 16Edit

Novel Chapter 17Edit

  • The Stone Talisman added gentle strokes to the forceful blows of the The Eight Desolations Palm.
  • Lin Dong killed several wild beasts.
  • Lin Dong battles a Scorpion Tiger.
  • Scorpion Tiger strength is comparable to Tempered Body 5th Layer.

Novel Chapter 18Edit

  • Lin Dong kills a Scorpion Tiger.
  • The Stone Talisman is able to refine Elixirs.

Novel Chapter 19Edit

  • Lin Dong's strength of the Eight Desolations Palm equals that of the Penetrating Fist tenth echo.
  • Lin Dong's Yuan Power Seed was larger than normal by over ten times.

Novel Chapter 20Edit

  • Lin Mang is Lin Hong and Lin Shan's father.
  • Lin Mang is in charge of the Lin Family finances.
  • Lin Mang advanced to Heavenly Yuan Stage and became the third Heavenly Yuan practitioner in the Lin Family two years ago.
  • Lin Ken is Lin Xia’s father.

Novel Chapter 21Edit

  • Lin Changqiang uses Level 1 martial art, Rock Splitting Leg.
  • Lin Dong wins against Lin Changqiang.
  • Lin Hong wins against his first opponent.
  • Lin Xia wins against her first opponent.
  • Lin Yun both parents died at the hands of bandits.

Novel Chapter 22Edit

  • Lin Dong wins against Lin Yun.

Novel Chapter 23Edit

  • Lin Dong won against Lin Ting.
  • Lin Xia Vs. Lin Hong ended up in a draw.

Novel Chapter 25Edit

  • Lin Dong won against Lin Hong.
  • Lin Mang is the second son of in Zhentian.
  • Lin Zhentian asked Lin Xiao to manage the Blazing Manor.
  • Lin Xiao used to manage the Blazing Manor..
  • Lin Dong, Lin Hong, Lin Xia are allowed to enter the Martial Arts Library.



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