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The Steel Wood Manor was now in the Lin Family's hands. However, there was a lot of damage done to it by the Lei Family. Some time later a Lin Family worker found a tunnel in the Steel Wood Manor’s mining lode. Lin Dong went in. Little Flame tagged along. At which the latter found a Demonic Crystal and eats it. Lin Dong had obtained some items from Grand Master Yan related to Mental Energy but still needed training. He was happy to discover that he can train his Mental Energy faster than Yuan Power. The relations between the Lin Family and the Lei Family deteriorate further. With an all out war eminent.

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Novel Chapter 81

Novel Chapter 86

Novel Chapter 93

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Novel Chapter 75

Novel Chapter 76

  • The Steel Wood Manor has a crevice with a blazing red-hot rocky area filled with Yang Energy.
  • In the centre lies a pile of tens of feet high white beast bones.
  • Little Flame eats a Demonic Crystal.
  • Little Flame body is changing.
  • The crevice also contains a crimson red flower.

Novel Chapter 77

Novel Chapter 79

  • Lin Dong advanced to Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage.
  • Little Flame growth rate is accelerated due to the fiery-red pearl.
  • Lin Dong is able to float.
  • Lin Dong is providing Lin Zhentian with Yang Energy.
  • Lin Zhentian had stagnated at Heavenly Yuan Late Stage for decades.
  • Lin Ken and Lin Mang are managing the Steel Wood Manor.
  • Lin Xiao is in charge of the rest of the Lin Family businesses in Qingyang Town.

Novel Chapter 80

  • Lin Dong is being attacked by people of the Lei Family.
    • They are lead by Lei Pi.
    • Lin Dong kills 10 people.
    • Lin Dong fights two Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage practitioners.
  • This is the first time that Lin Dong killed someone.

Novel Chapter 81

  • Lin Dong vs. Lei Pi and Lei Xing.
  • Lei Pi uses Dashing Lightning.
  • Lin Dong killed Lei Xing.

Novel Chapter 82

  • Lei Xing is a Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage practitioner.
  • Lei Pi takes Lei Xing corpse with him.
  • Lin Dong wounds Lei Pi with his Shattering Yuan Shrapnel.

Novel Chapter 84

Novel Chapter 85

  • Lin Dong is now a 1st Seal Symbol Master.
  • The Lin Family, Lei Family and the Xie Family are on high alert.
  • The Lin Family moved all it's members from Qingyang Town towards the Steel Wood Manor.
    • The last batch is being attacked by Xie Qian.

Novel Chapter 86

  • Lin Dong is leading the rescue mission.

Novel Chapter 87

  • Lin Dong and Little Flame Vs. Xie Family ambush lead by Xie Qian.
  • Lin Dong and Little Flame kills a lot of members of the Xie Family.
  • Lin Dong is targeting the experts of the Xie Family.
  • Lin Dong managed to save the remaining members of the Lin Family.

Novel Chapter 89

Novel Chapter 90

Novel Chapter 91

  • The Lin Family got an wedding invitation card from the Lei Family.
    • Any major faction within 50 kilometres of Qingyang Town.
    • The Lin Family accept the invitation.
  • Lin Family secured the cooperation of the Raging Blade Dojo.

Novel Chapter 92

  • Wu Yun advanced to Earthly Yuan Middle Stage.
  • Lei and Xie Families have set up a small business union.
    • Lei Bao wants other factions to join.
  • Lei Bao advanced to Initial Yuan Dan Stage.

Novel Chapter 93

  • Raging Blade Dojo refuses to join the union.
  • Lin Family refuses to join the union.

Novel Chapter 94

Novel Chapter 95

  • Lin Dong Vs. Grand Master Gu.

Novel Chapter 96

Novel Chapter 97

  • Lin Dong killed Grand Master Gu.
  • Lei Bao uses a Grade 4 Martial Arts Dashing Lightning.
  • Lin Zhentian killed Lei Bao.



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