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Lin Langtian is a member of the Lin Clan's main family. There lives a Yuan Spirit called Reverend inside Lin Langtian's body. He then later fused with the Yuan Spirit.[5][6][7]



He is strong and talented as he was able to defeat Lin Xiao. He is however cruel and doesn't know mercy as the moment he won he crippled Lin Xiao.


He participated in the Ten-Year Clan Gathering of the Lin Clan. In the first round he won against Lin Xiao. After winning without mercy he used his Yuan force to ravage the insides of Lin Xiao body. This crippled him and lost his Heavenly Yuan Stage of strength en returned to Earthly Yuan Stage. His channels in his body are disrupted and clogged up.[8]

He encountered Reverend after a narrow escape when he fell off a cliff.[9]







Lin Dong

When Lin Langtian first met met Lin Dong, he didn't think much of him due to being at the Advanced Yuan Dan stage while Lin Dong was in the Initial Yuan Dan Stage. He grew to hate Lin Dong after he encountered him getting close to Ling Qingzhu whom he desperately wanted her affection. His bitterness grew further after Lin Dong defied him and called him out on where his loyalty lies. He then decided to make things even more personal when he tried to have one of his subordinates kill Qing Tan during the Ten-Year Clan Gathering of the Lin Clan. Their first official fight was relatively even, but it became so destructive that the head of the Lin Clan Lin Fan stepped in to prevent anymore destruction and afterwards announce that the winner of the battle was Lin Dong. This loss further fueled Lin Langtian's wrath and obsession to kill Lin Dong. As time progressed, they would fight almost every time they encountered each other which resulted in Lin Dong humiliating him until he fused with the Yuan Spirit Reverend. The final battle between him and Lin Dong during the Hundred Empire War ends with Lin Dong finally killing him and the Yuan Spirit.



He is stronger than Lin Xiao. At 10, he started training. At 12 he broke through the 9th Layer of Tempered Body to enter into Yuan territory. At 14, he advanced to the Earthly Yuan Stage. At 15 he advanced to the Heavenly Yuan Stage.[10] At 20, the Yuan Qi in his body exchanged Yin and Yang, finally succeeding in forming a Dan.[11] Like a carp that became a dragon, in one fell swoop, he joined the ranks of the rarified few in the Great Yan Dynasty to ever form a Yuan Dan before the age of 30.[12]






At 14, he advanced to the Earthly Yuan Stage. At 17 he advanced to the Heavenly Yuan Stage.[13] In Novel Chapter 61 is said that he advanced to the Heavenly Yuan Stage at the age of 16.[14] In Novel Chapter 73 is said that he advanced to the Heavenly Yuan Stage at the age of 15.[15] In Novel Chapter 124 is said that he advanced to the Initial Yuan Dan Stage at the age of 20.[16]


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