Lin Shan is a member of the Lin Family. He is a little tyrant among the younger generation of the Lin Family. He bullied Lin Dong an Qing Tan a lot. Especially Lin Dong.[13]



He bullies Lin Dong because his father brought shame to the Lin Family because he lost in the first round in the Ten-Year Clan Gathering of the Lin Clan.[14] He also is a liar as he once promised Qing Tan that he wouldn't beat Lin Dong if she gave him the Scarlet Sun Grass. After which he attacked Lin Dong anyway.[15]


He started training 6 months earlier than Lin Dong.[16]

He cultivated up to 4th layer of tempered body. This is considered better than average in Lin family.[17]

He once tried to learn the Penetrating Fist. However he was unable to produce an echo even after ten days of trainingy.[18]


Qing Tan found some Scarlet Sun Grass in the forest. He then bullies her into giving him the Scarlet Sun Grass. He promises that he wouldn't hurt Lin Dong if she gave him the elixir. However he lied and attacked Lin Dong anyway.[19]

Lin Shan is running and falling searching for aid. He was bruised like he was at the losing end of a fight. He tells Lin Dong that they are being attacked by the Xie Family's younger generation.[20] He says that they were originally here to have some fun. However they encountered the Xie Family. Lin Xia bought a trinket and Xie Ting wanted it as well. Lin Xia was so angry that she could no longer bear it and started a fight. They immediately went as Lin Shan was explaining everything in detail. Lin Xia and Lin Hong were about to be attacked by the Xie Family as Lin Dong intervened. To Make Lin Dong made she tells about Lin Dong's father as she tells that he was useless. It works as she has now Lin Dong's full attention. A member of the Xie Family who was at Tempered Body 7th Layer attacked Lin Dong. Lin Dong quickly defeated that person. Angered 2 other people at Tempered Body 7th Layer attacked Lin Dong. However Lin Dong doesn't have any problems with them. Seeing this they realise that Lin Dong is at Tempered Body 8th Layer.[21]



  • Qingyang Town





Martial Arts SkillsEdit





Yuan PowerEdit

Group Rank Obtained By Using Chapter Arc Extra
Tempered Body Tempered Body 4th Layer / 1[22] Lin Family Competition Arc



  • Lin Shan Vs. Lin Dong: Lin Shan Won.[23]

Start seriesEdit

  • Lin Shan (Tempered Body 4th Layer) Vs. Lin Dong (Tempered Body 2nd Layer) : Lin Shan Won.[24]

Half a month laterEdit

  • Lin Shan (Tempered Body 4th Layer) Vs. Lin Dong (Tempered Body 4th Layer) : Lin Shan Lost.[25]





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