Wu Dong Qian Kun Wikia
Wu Dong Qian Kun Wikia
As of now, you are no longer that young man eight years ago, who had to hide and endure in order to deal with Lin Langtian. Your accomplishments have been earned through your own hardwork and effort. Although I never said this before, I do respect you. This is because I know that if I was in your shoes, I wouldn’t be able to do some of the things that you did.
Ling Qingzhu to Lin Dong[1]

Ling Qingzhu abandoned the Yuan Power cultivation system and the Mental Energy cultivation system for Zenith Power.[5]


She wore a light-colored silk dress, with eyebrows like jade feathers and flesh as white as snow. Her waist was gorgeously small while a veil covered her face, only revealing her clear eyes which seemed to flow like water as the world seemed to lose color before her beauty.[6]


She has a cold, demeanor attitude towards anyone.This is due to her being the successor of her clan, which in turn, turned her into someone who only cares about talent and result, making her heart unable to reason with others.


A direct disciple of Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace.

Met Lin Dong during a Nirvana Tomb mission.






Husband-Lin Dong

She meets Lin Dong in the Great Yan Empire when they explore a nirvana stage practitioner tomb. After she consumes the nirvana heart left behind by the owner of the tomb she and Lin Dong have an intercourse forced by the remnant spirit of the Nirvana practitioner. After the incident she wants to kill Lin Dong but the others arrive and she can only give up in fear of that her purity is taken by Lin Dong getting known. When Lin Langtian pressure Lin Dong into apologizing to the Wang clan. For some unknown reason she felt touched about Lin Dong willpower and when he leaves the tomb she saves him from Wang Yan and a Wang clan elder. They talk on a mountain top, and she tells Lin Dong that he should forget about what happened because of the difference between them is too huge and he is not worthy of her. Lin Dong pride took a hit and declares he will make her his woman. Later in the story when Lin Dong proves himself in the Great Sect Competition she starts to feel positive feelings for him. At the end of the story she becomes Lin Dong wife.





  • Lin Dong's Stubbornness
  • Lin Dong



  • Killed Cheng Pu[7]
  • Killed Wang Su[8]
  • Killed Su Li[9]
  • Killed Xu Ling[10]



I do not care whether you hate me or not. I will still repeat those words even if I was given another chance. However, I do admire you for reaching this stage within a short five years…
Ling Qingzhu to Lin Dong[11]
You will definitely return to the Eastern Xuan Region like a king. At that time, if you really want me to be your woman… why not…
Ling Qingzhu to Lin Dong[12]