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Little Flame (also known as Lin Yan) is the male mount Fire Python Tiger and close friend of the main protagonist Lin Dong of Wu Dong Qian Kun.


Fiery-red tiger python cub. As a tiger python, its tail resembles a fire python.[17] Little Flame is also a unique variation of fire python cub, as it possesses a transforming physique, allowing its appearance to change upon consuming other unique beasts. His initial appearance changed after eating a Demonic Crystal. The originally fiery-red fur had now become even fierier and vibrant. It looked as if it was burning. Furthermore, its tiger paws now seem exceptionally sharp as they penetrated deep into the ground. Currently, the unique python tail was perched on Little Flame’s back. There seemed to be a small lump on the head of that python tail as if something was about to burst out.[18]

Human Form

When in human form Little Flame resembles a fairly muscular and towering man. With metallic black skin which made him look exactly like a steel tower. His tall and powerful body had a strong deterring effect. His face looked pretty dull. However, upon closer inspection, one would realize that this face actually vaguely resembled Lin Dong.

Evolved Beast Form

In tiger form, he has pitch-black, ink like fur with a metallic luster, humongous, sharp, black wings which seem to flicker with an icy cold glint that was as sharp as the edge of a blade.


Little Flame is described as attacking with a ferociousness that belies his bestial nature. Towering and imposing, his resoluteness and dominance is second only to Lin Dong and Lin Diao (Little Marten). He is absolutely obedient to Lin Dong and resolutely respect Lin Diao; considering them his first and second brothers. Despite this aggressive nature, when interacting with those which have gained his trust, or are considered family, such as Qin Tan, he is gentle, much like a puppy.


Lin Yan was born in a triplet Fire Python Tiger litter.



  • Qingyang Town
  • Monster Region


  • Tiger Clan
    • 2 unknown Siblings







  • Once reached the Form Creation Stage, Little Flame was now able to control his body size and change it, becoming an arm held small scarlet red beast for convience.
  • Little Flame (One Yuan) fuses with the Heavenly Demonic Tiger’s bones and is able to attain human form. [26]
  • Named Lin Yan by Lin Dong once he took his human form.[26]


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