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File:Celestial Demon Marten portrait.pngFile:Celestial Demon Marten portrait2.pngFile:Coiling Dragon wordmark.png
File:Cristal Vermilion Fruit.pngFile:Demonic Black Steel Panther portrait.pngFile:ENG SUBS Yang Yang TV Drama “Martial Universe” Emotional Trailer 杨洋电视剧《武动乾坤》“动情”版预告片
File:ENG SUBS Yang Yang TV Drama “Martial Universe” Trailer 杨洋 电视剧《武动乾坤》预告片File:ENG SUBS Yang Yang TV Drama “Martial Universe” Trailer 杨洋 电视剧《武动乾坤》预告片-0File:Elder Shen portrait.png
File:Fire Python Tiger portrait.pngFile:Game, jjjXD3.81 Lin Dong vs Lin Langtian - Wu Dong Qian Kun Video Game Cinematic Trailers 1080p HDFile:Grand Master Gu portrait.png
File:Grand Master Yan portrait.pngFile:Heavy Prison Peak.JPGFile:HuanHuan.png
File:Huanhuan.jpgFile:IMG 20170128 083456.jpgFile:I Shall Seal The Heavens wordmark.png
File:KHMER CC Yangyang 'Martial Universe' drama trailerFile:Lei Bao portrait.pngFile:Lei Li portrait.png
File:Lei Pi portrait.pngFile:Lei Shan portrait.pngFile:Lin Changqiang portrait.png
File:Lin Dong WDQK Novel Cover.jpegFile:Lin Dong portrait.pngFile:Lin Dong portrait2.jpg
File:Lin Hong portrait.pngFile:Lin Ke-er portrait.pngFile:Lin Ken portrait.png
File:Lin Langtian portrait.pngFile:Lin Mang portrait.pngFile:Lin QingTan.jpg
File:Lin Qing Tan.jpgFile:Lin Shan portrait.pngFile:Lin Xia portrait.png
File:Lin Xiao portrait.pngFile:Lin Zhentian portrait.pngFile:Lin dong 1.jpg
File:Lin dong 1lindongnew.jpgFile:Lin dong new.jpgFile:Ling Qing Zhu.jpg
File:Ling Qingzhu.jpgFile:Ling Qingzhu portrait.jpgFile:Ling Quingzhu.jpg
File:Little Dong.pngFile:Little Flame portrait.pngFile:Little Flame portrait2.png
File:Liu Xiangxuan.jpgFile:Liu Yan portrait.pngFile:Luo Cheng portrait.png
File:MARTIAL UNIVERSE.jpgFile:Manhua Cover Chapter 1.pngFile:Manhua Cover Chapter 2.png
File:Manhua Cover Chapter 3.pngFile:Manhua Cover Chapter 4.pngFile:Manhua Cover Chapter 5.png
File:Martial Universe (武动乾坤 Wu Dong Qian Kun) TrailerFile:Martial Universe Chinese Drama 2018 Trailer 武动乾坤 Yang Yang, Zhang Crystal HDFile:Martial Universe delays filming for two months for Yang Yang to recover
File:Master of the Tomb portrait.pngFile:Older Dong.jpegFile:Penetrating Fist.png
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File:Tang Xinlian.jpgFile:Television Dong.jpegFile:Teng Lei Foaming.jpg
File:Teng Lei as a Hostage.jpgFile:Teng Lei getting boned by bone spear.jpgFile:Teng Lei portrait.png
File:Teng Sha portrait.pngFile:Venerable Yuan wordmark.pngFile:Wang Yan portrait.png
File:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Wiki.pngFile:Wu Sha portrait.png
File:Wu Yun portrait.pngFile:Xia Wanjin portrait.pngFile:Xie Qian portrait.png
File:Xie Yinying portrait.pngFile:Yan Kuo portrait.pngFile:Yin Pearl.png
File:Ying Huanhuan ice master.jpgFile:Yue Shan portrait.pngFile:Z63.jpg
File:《武动乾坤》花絮首发 杨洋 张天爱领衔 2017优酷即将播出File:电视剧《武动乾坤》超燃版决战预告片 Yang Yang TV Drama “Martial Universe” New Trailer
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