Short SummaryEdit

Ling Qingzhu managed to single-handedly stop the onslaught of the Yuan Gate. An elder of the Yuan Gate orders Cheng Pu, Wang Su and Su Li to stop Ling Qingzhu. Just as Ling Qingzhu was about to move, those three Yuan Gate elders had already surrounded her.


  • Ling Qingzhu uses Green Lotus Thousand Sword Art.
  • Ling Qingzhu killed Xu Ling.
  • Xu Ling is at Samsara Stage.
  • Cheng Pu is at Samsara Stage.
  • Wang Su is at Samsara Stage.
  • Su Li is at Samsara Stage.
  • Ling Qingzhu is at Samsara Stage.
  • Ling Qingzhu uses Great Yuan Heaven Slash.
  • Ling Qingzhu killed Cheng Pu.
  • Ling Qingzhu killed Wang Su.
  • Ling Qingzhu killed Su Li.
  • Ling Qingzhu lost against Lu Feng.

Order of AppearanceEdit

War With The Yuan Gate Arc
Chapters Novel Chapter 1182