Everyone is speaking about Lin Dong wining the Lin Family Competition. However Lin Dong continues training. Lin Zhentian gave Lin Dong permission to enter the Martial Arts Library. He choose the incomplete Wonder Gate Seal. As the Stone Talisman may be able to deduce the missing parts.

Everyone, including Lin Dong is preparing for the upcoming Qingyang Town Hunt. A major event Qingyang Town. It is hosted by he four major factions in Qingyang Town. However even before the competition started Lin Dong ran into Lei Li. The current number one genius of the younger generation in Qingyang Town. Lin Dong plans to defeat him and make himself known and elevate the status of the Lin Family.

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  • Advancing 5 Layers in half a year was extremely remarkable in Qingyang Town, and even the whole Lin Clan.
  • The younger generation of Qingyang Town’s other factions will also be participating in the Qingyang Town Hunt.
  • Qingyang Town Hunt was held once every three years.
  • There are 3 major factions in Qingyang Town.
  • The Lei Family and the Xie Family are original Families of Qingyang Town.
  • The Raging Blade Dojo established themselves for slightly longer than a decade.
  • Merchants hire Raging Blade Dojo as bodyguards.
  • With Lin Xiao return, the Lin Family is now also a major faction.
  • The Lei Family have five Heavenly Yuan Stage practitioners.

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  • Elixirs would supplement one’s body, however due to various reasons, they also lead to unexpected side-effects.
  • Stone Talisman can remove every impurity and flaw in the elixirs during the refining process.
  • Its best to be at Earthly Yuan Stage to learn Level 3 Martial Arts.

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  • The Wonder Gate Seal was coincidentally found by Lin Zhentian.
  • Strongest of the younger generation in the Lei Family is Lei Li.
  • Strongest of the younger generation in the Xie Family is Xie Yingying.
  • Lin Xia hated Xie Yingying.
  • Strongest of the younger generation in the Raging Blade Dojo is Wu Yun.
  • Xie Yingying is Lei Li fiancé.

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  • Wonder Gate Seal uses hand-seals instead of fixed sequence or pattern of moves.
  • Stone Talisman is able to deduce the 2nd chapter of the Wonder Gate Seal.
  • Wonder Gate Seal consists out of 4 chapters.

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  • There are two methods to acquire more energy.
  • Stone Talisman is not interested in elixirs as it refines them.
  • Stone Talisman embedded itself in Lin Dong's palm.
  • Stone Talisman needs Yuan Power to perfect Martial Arts.

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  • The Bazaar is an event jointly organized by some of the more successful merchants in Qingyang Town.

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  • The Bazaar is the largest market around Qingyang Town.
  • There is also an underground bazaar.
  • Ten drops of Stone Talisman Ling Liquid was able to sell for 5 Grade 3 Elixirs.

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  • Lei Li is the number one younger generation member in Qingyang Town.
  • Lei Family and Xie Family are allies.

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  • Wang Jin is in charge of the plaza.

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  • Secret Arts have three categories.
    • Third-tier secret arts
    • Second-tier secret arts
    • First-tier secret arts
    • The Lin Family has a third-tier secret arts.

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  • Lei Bao and Xie Qian are the heads of their respected families.

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  • Mu Lingsha left with her Fire Python Tiger cub.
  • Xie Qian suggests a competition for ownership of the Fire Python Tiger cubs.
  • Lei Bao wagers his Steel Wood Manor.

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  • Lin Langtian took nearly two years before he advanced to Earthly Yuan Stage.
  • Lei Li vs. Lin Dong.

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  • Lin Family won the Steel Wood Manor.
  • Lin Dong no loner participates in the Qingyang Town Hunt.
  • Lin Zhentian asks Lei Bao to give them the Steel Wood Manor within half a months time.

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  • The champion of the Qingyang Town Hunt came from the Raging Blade Dojo.



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