The secret cave is located in the mountains of Qingyang Town. This cave was found by Lin Dong and Qing Tan in their younger days. The cave contains a passage that leads to a small open space. This small space contains a pool of 6–10 meters in the centre of the cave.[1]

Rock PoolEdit

The rock pool contains crystal clear water. It contains a slightly cold breeze and is floating back and forth. When someone lays in the pool their mind will become sharper and they will be able concentrate better.[2]

The effect of this water was truly legendary and even exceeded the effects of those costly level 3 elixirs sold in Qingyang Town.[3] It takes half hour soak in order to reach peak condition again.[4]

In the ceiling there was a hidden crevice containing a mysterious Stone Talisman.[5]

After 10 days of use the Red Liquid is competently dissipated. Every drop of red liquid can only be used for 10 days.[6]


Lin Dong and Qing Tan found this place when they were younger. Lin Dong loves to come here because it was cool and refreshing.[7]


Lin Dong came here after he learned the Penetrating Fist. He had some wounds and after blood fell in the pool it began to boil and it colored red. The red colored liquid entered Lin Dong pores. This gave the sensation of his body being violently compressed. It healed his wounds and had the effect of speeding up his training. This effect only lasted for 10 minutes.[8]

Lin Dong found a mysterious Stone Talisman in the cave ceiling. It was hidden in a crevice. Lin Dong deduces that someone must have been here before as he found a palm imprint. He takes it with him.[9]

After 10 days of continue use of the rock pool by Lin Dong, the red liquid is completely gone. As such Lin Dong needs to manually add a drop of red liquid.[10]

People who Know of its existenceEdit

  • Lin Dong
  • Qing Tan


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