The Lei Family still didn't cede the ownership of the Steel Wood Manor to the Lin family. Which caused Lin Zhentian to take action. He sent Lin Xiao and Lin Ken to the Lei Family. Lin Dong joins this mission. Little Flame's growth rate was fast. Which why he was big enough to be used by Lin Dong as his steed. Once at the Steel Wood Manor Lin Dong discovers the reason for the delay. However Lin Dong's growth has alarmed the Lei Family and all members take actions to try and kill Lin Dong before he has a chance to become a treat.

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  • The Lin Family now owns the Steel Wood Manor.
  • The Steel Wood Manor used to be a volcano.
  • Lin Xiao is at Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage.

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  • The Steel Wood Manor contains wild beasts.
  • Black Steel Panther have the strength of Heavenly Yuan Stage.

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  • Lei Pi is second in command in the Lei Family.
  • Lei Pi is Lei Li's father.
  • Yan City is the largest city nearby.

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  • Stone Talisman made Yang Yuan Pills from three pieces of Yang Yuan Stone.
  • Yang Yuan Pills are more potent than Grade 3 Elixirs.
  • Lin Langtian took two years before he advanced from Earthly Yuan Stage to Heavenly Yuan Early Stage.

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  • Qian Kun Bags are inscribed with a symbol of a 2nd Seal Symbol Master.
  • Symbol Masters are split in 5 seals.
  • Mystical Symbols can have different abilities.
  • The requirement of becoming a 1st Seal Symbol Master is to be at least Earthly Yuan Early Stage.
  • 2nd Seal Symbol Master would be lavishly welcomed by any major faction in Yan City.
  • Stone Talisman refined grade 3 Elixir is worth 7 Yang Yuan Stones.
  • Lin Dong bought a low level Qian Kun bag.

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  • Grand Master Yan give Lin Dong a book and a Talisman.

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  • In Yuan Dan Stage one is able to refine Yang Yuan Pills.
  • Powerful factions are able to use Symbol Arrays as a catalyst to lower the requirements.
  • Though the Yang Yuan Pills created would be at a lower grade.
  • The book Lin Dong was given by Grand Master Yan is named Spiritual Movement Chapter.
  • Lin Dong is learning the Spiritual Movement Chapter.
  • Lin Dong has the innate gift of comprehending Mental Energy.
  • Lin Dong has now Mental Energy.
  • Lin Dong can use Mental Energy to see his surroundings when closing his eyes.

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  • Lin Dong mastered the first chapter of the Spiritual Movement Chapter.

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  • There are several bandit groups located within a thirty-mile radius of Qingyang Town.
  • Black Dragon Stockage was one of the most infamous bandit groups.
  • Black Dragon Stockage is attacking the Steel Wood Manor.

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  • Wu Sha is second in command of the Black Dragon Stockage.
  • Wu Sha is known as the Vicious Wind Ripper.
  • Yan Kuo is the leader of the Black Dragon Stockade.
  • Lin Ken Vs. Yan Kuo.

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  • The Lin Family forced the Black Dragon Stockage to retreat.

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  • Lin Langtian had advanced to Heavenly Yuan Stage when he was fifteen years old.
  • Lin Dong is now 16.

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  • Black Dragon Stockage has been destroyed by the Lin Family.
  • Lin Dong chooses a Yuan Metal fragment from the spoils of war.
  • Lei Bao ordered Lei Pi to kill Lin Dong.



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