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Seal Masters were practitioners who utilize a different method of exerting Yuan Power. This method needed Mental Energy to propel Yuan Power.[1] A Symbol Master could condense Yuan Power from Heaven and Earth into special Mystical Symbols. One not only needed a certain level of strength in the physical body as support but it also placed a heavy and strict demand on one’s mental capacity. In order to become a 1st Seal Symbol Master one is required to be at least Earthly Yuan Early Stage Therefore, Symbol Master was considered a scarce vocation. A 2nd Seal Symbol Master would be lavishly welcomed by any major faction in Yan City. Symbol Masters are split by Seals and there were a total of 5 Seals: 1st Seal being the lowest, while 5th Seal being the highest.[2]

Becoming a Symbol Master is not only about inscribing Mystical Symbols on objects. A Symbol Master can easily shake mountains and move rivers.[3]

Only when one was able to condense his Mental Energy into a Destiny Symbol, could he be called a true Symbol Master.[4]

Symbol Power Cultivation Stages

Rank Realm Stage Description Realm Equivalent
Opening Niwan Palace Earthly Yuan Stage (Late)
1 Symbol Master 1st Seal Symbol Master Condense Mental Energy into a Destiny Symbol. Heavenly Yuan Stage (Middle - Late)
2 2nd Seal Symbol Master Splits into 2 Destiny Symbols Yuan Dan Stage (Initial)
3 3rd Seal Symbol Master Splits into 3 Destiny Symbols Yuan Dan Stage (Advanced)
4 4th Seal Symbol Master Splits into 4 Destiny Symbols Yuan Dan Stage (Peak)
5 5th Seal Symbol Master Splits into 5 Destiny Symbols
6 Soul Symbol Master Low



?? Form Creation Stage

Qi Creation Stage

Manifestation Stage

7 Heavenly Symbol Master 1 - 9 seals At every advancement, the tiny world in the Niwan Palace will become more and more perfect. Nirvana Stage
8 Divine Symbol Master Initial


Profound Life Stage

Profound Death Stage

9 Symbol Grandmaster Samsara Stage

Reincarnation Stage

10 Divine Palace Master Reincarnation Stage

(3rd Calamity Reincarnation)

Symbol Power Cultivation Stages Details

1st Seal Symbol Master

  • Equivalent to Heavenly Yuan Stage. In order to become a 1st stage symbol master, you are required to be at least Earthly Yuan Early Stage.

2nd Seal Symbol Master

  • Equivalent to Initial Yuan Dan Stage. A 2nd Seal Symbol Master is unable to fully materialize Mental Energy.[47]

3rd Seal Symbol Master

  • Equivalent to Advanced Yuan Dan Stage.

4th Seal Symbol Master

  • Equivalent to Perfect Yuan Dan Stage.[5]

5th Seal Symbol Master

Soul Symbol master

  • Equivalent to Form Creation, Qi Creation & Manifestation Stages
  1. Low Equivalent to Form Creation Stage
  2. Middle Equivalent to Qi Creation Stage
  3. High Equivalent to Manifestation Stage

Heaven Symbol Master

  • Equivalent to Nirvana Stage.
  • When a practitioner becomes a Heaven Symbol Master they form a tiny world within their Niwan Palace.
  • There are nine seals for the Heaven Symbol Master stage, which is identical to the nine Yuan Nirvana stages. At every advancement, the tiny world in your Niwan Palace will become more and more perfect. When a practitioner first advances to the Heaven Symbol Master Stage they will start creating their first seal.
  • They are able to condense Mental Energy into miraculous Symbols and move the power of the land with a single gesture. They possessed great power and even a Nirvana stage practitioner would find a Heaven Symbol Master a rather troublesome opponent.[6]

Divine Symbol Master

  • The Divine Symbol Master level, is divided into Initial and Advance, but is this trivial two ranks, actually sufficiently compares favorably with fresh Profound Life Stage and Profound Death Stage, in general, Mental Energy achieves Peak Initial Divine Symbol Master, then endures powerhouse that Profound Life Stage is more Perfect, if steps into Advance Divine Symbol Master, that then can be a worthy opponent with Profound Death Stage powerhouse.
  • Equivalent to Profound Life Stage
    • Initial: Initial to Peak
  • Equivalent to Profound Death Stage
    • Advance: Initial to Peak

Symbol Grandmaster Level

This was a watershed level for the Symbol Masters. There were many people in this world who trained their Mental Energy. Similarly, there were many people who trained both their Mental Energy and Yuan Power simultaneously. However, there were very few practitioners whose Mental Energy cultivation could reach the Symbol Grandmaster level.[7]

Mental Energy was undoubtedly even more ethereal compared to Yuan Power. Therefore, trying to reach the level of Symbol Grandmaster was evidently no easy task. Before reaching the Symbol Grandmaster level, the strength of one’s Mental Energy might be a little weaker compared to the powerful and majestic Yuan Power. However, upon stepping into this level, the true might of Mental Energy would be slowly revealed.[8]

  • Equivalent to Samsara Stage
    • Initial
  • Equivalent to Reincarnation Stage
    • Advance

Divine Palace Master Level

  • Equivalent to 3rd Layer Reincarnation Tribulation.
  • Since the beginning of time, the number of people who managed to reach this level could be counted on one hand.[9]
  • In order to obtain this rank, you need to destroy your Niwan Palace and then recreate it. If you fail you lose your Mental Energy and possibly even your sanity.[10]
  • Once the divine palace is built so that it can contain Mental Enegia, it must be activated using Zenith Energy otherwise it will not work, during this process the Mental Energy will go through a metamorphosis merging with Zentih energy this is an incredibly lake process (Lin Dong late more than a whole year to complete the process even being in a place where the time passes different from the outside)
  • The Mental energy after entering this level is infinite and is interspersed with the brightness of the light of the primordial chaos of the Zenith energy making it more powerful than the normal Mental energy, allowing also to easily manipulate the Zenith energy.
  • When entering at this level, people will not be able to perceive their level of either the Yuan energy, nor the Mental energy.


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