Wu Dong Qian Kun Wikia
Wu Dong Qian Kun Wikia

Tiangang Alliance is an alliance of one hundred and eight sects. Sixteen protector sects. Four great mysterious sects. They are arch enemies with the Ground Evil Alliance.[3][4]


In the past they held a great grudge against the Ground Evil Alliance. Their grudge is to a point that even their descendants need to participate in this feud.[5]



Four Great Mysterious Sect

The Four Great Mysterious Sect are the highest members of this sect alliance.[6]

Only after the five protector sect’s remains are activated, would the inheritance of the four great mysterious sects be activated.[7]

Protector Sects

The top five of the sixteen protector sects reside in the deep region of this Ancient Treasure Trove. Though their inheritances cannot be compared with the four great mysterious sects, they are definitely no ordinary inheritances.[10]

  1. Ground Martial Sect[11]
  2. Eight Level Sect[12]
  3. Great Tooth Sect[13]
  • Heaven Cloud Sect[14]
  • Dry Cloud Sect[15]

Normal Sects


  • Devil Cloud Sect[17]
  • Blood Shadow Door[18]
  • Fiery Burning Valley[19]




Martial Arts





Families Di Family, Lei Family, Lin Family, Liu Family, Liu Family (Dayan Province), Mu Family, Song Family, Xie Family
Dojo's Bloody Vulture Dojo, Eagle Martial Dojo, Raging Blade Dojo
Clans Lin Clan, Wang Clan, Qin Clan, Huangpu Clan, Gu Clan, Wei Clan, Su Clan, Song Clan, Shentu Clan, Blood Demon Shark Clan, Immortal Sage Whale Clan
Gangs Blade Slaughter Gang, Blood Wolf Gang
Stockages Black Dragon Stockage
Sects Blood Cloth Sect, Ghost Blade Sect, Iron Mountain Sect, Great Devil Sect, Ancient Sword Sect, Green Wood Sect, Lion Fist Sect, Great Yuan Origin Sect, Heavenly Luo Sect, Barbarian King Sect, Sea Cloud Sect, Earthsea Sect, Illusionary Demon Sect, Blood Blade Sect, Sky Shark Sect, Covering Sea Sect, Ice Spirit Sect, Eagle Sect, Great Desolate Sect
Associations Thousand Gold Association
Cults Ghastly Puppet Cult
Alliances Martial Alliance, Tiangang Alliance, Ground Evil Alliance, Four Titans Palace, Yuan Destruction Alliance
Tribes Nine-tail Tribe, Nine Lives Heavenly Cat Tribe, Demon Lizard Tribe, Dragon Tribe, Nine Phoenix Tribe, Blood Vulture Tribe, Devil Tiger Tribe, Kunpeng Tribe, Dark Abyss Tiger Tribe
Special Groups Four Great Clans, Symbol Master Guild, Yan City Lord Manor
Unknown Heavenly Demonic Marten, Bliss Valley, Demonic Wind Cave, Universe Cave, Sword Heart Island, Black Dragon Pirates, Sea Demon Race, Sky Merchant Court, Mysterious Sky Hall, Nine Serene Gate, Thunder Palace, Flame Divine Hall, Thousand Elephant Mountain, Dark Sea Stream, Devil Prison, Hundred Beast Ridge, Deep Lightning Mountain, Tiger Devouring Army, Sky Crocodile Army, Blood Dragon Hall, Golden Ape Mountain, Ghost Condor Stream, Mang Mountain, Darkness Saint Tiger

Alliances Martial Alliance, Tiangang Alliance, Ground Evil Alliance, Four Titans Palace, Yuan Destruction Alliance