Lin Dong is being summoned by Grand Master Yan. The latter was surprised by Lin Dong's progress. He knew Lin Dong was talented but his progress took even him bu surprise. He tells Lin Dong about the Tower Battle. And asks him to participate in it to keep the tower in Yan City. Lin Dong initially didn't want to accept. But couldn't let go of the opportunities. Soon after members of a nearby city were causing trouble for Lin Dong and the members of the Symbol Master Guild in Yan City. Lin Dong had to step up.

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  • Symbol Master Tower is split into nine levels.
  • The eighth level contains a Qi grade Secret Spirit Skill.
  • Grand Master Yan tells Lin Dong that he will protect the Lin Family if he wins the Tower Battle.
  • Zi Yue is at 2nd Seal Symbol Master.

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  • Zi Yue has a defensive type Secret Spirit Skill.
  • The Tower Battle start will start in two days.
  • Symbol Masters from Sky Fire City are looking for trouble.

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  • Cao Zhu is a 2nd Seal Symbol Master.
  • Cao Zhu is from Sky Fire City Symbol Master Guild.
  • Lin Dong fights against Cao Zhu and won.
  • Cao Zhu uses three swords made out of Mysterious Ice Metal.
  • NiWan Palace can create a Mental Energy shock wave.
  • Lin Dong took Cao Zhu's three Mysterious Ice Swords.

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  • Mysterious Ice Swords cost 10000 Yang Yuan Stones each.
  • Liu Long asks Lin Dong to give back the Mysterious Ice Swords.
    • Lin Dong tells he doesn't know what that is.

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  • Liu Long plans to target Lin Dong in the Tower Battle.
  • Han Yun is leader of the Sky Fire City Symbol Master Guild.
  • Han Yun is a 4th Seal Symbol Master.
  • Zhou Tong is a 2nd Seal Symbol Master.
  • The Tower Battle has started.

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  • Lin Dong enters the Symbol Master Tower.
  • The passageways to higher levels are at the center of the tower.
  • Every level contains a Mental Energy wall preventing weaker people of entering higher levels.

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  • Lin Dong took the Ever-Flame Sword.
  • Liu Long and Cao Zhu couldn't get to the 6th floor.
  • Zi Yue couldn't get to the 7th floor.

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  • Lin Dong reached the eight floor.

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  • Liu Long, Cao, Zi Yue and Zhou Tong left the Symbol Master Tower.
  • Lin Dong won the Tower Battle.
  • Yan City keeps the Symbol Master Tower.

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  • Lin Dong stayed in the eight level for 24 days now.
  • Lin Dong spend already over a month of time in the Symbol Master Tower.
  • Lin Dong advanced to 3rd Seal Symbol Master.

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  • 4th Seal Symbol Master can contend against Perfect Yuan Dan Stage practitioner.
  • Lin Dong reached the ninth level of the Symbol Master Tower.
  • Ninth level contains numerous patterns on two walls called Ancestral Symbol.
  • The patterns are reacting to Lin Dong's Destiny Soul Symbol.

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  • The drawings are copies of two Ancestral Symbols.
    • Contains a map of the Great Yan Empire with the location of two Ancestral Symbols.
  • There are 8 Ancestral Symbols.



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