Wu Sha is a member of the Black Dragon Stockage.


He is huge and muscular. He had the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear, yet a simple and honest smile hung on his face.[9]


Only people who were close to him knew that he was a despicable and vicious person.[10]



Steel Wood Manor ArcEdit

Yan Kuo was tipped by Lei Bao about the Lin Family having a Yang Yuan Stone lode. They send all their forces to attack the Steel Wood Manor in order to loot everything.[11] Yan Kuo went in to stop Lin Ken. He only saw Lin Ken as being a treat. So as long as he could keep Lin Ken busy, Wu Sha would deal with the scrubs. Lin Dong then steps in to deal with Wu Sha.[12]

He laughs at Lin Dong for attempting to stop him. In his eyes Lin Dong is only a mere brat. However his smile disappeared as Lin Dong revealed that he was at Earthly Yuan Late Stage. Now that the became enemies with the Lin Family there was no turning back. Lin Dong growth was a major treat to them. So he needed to kill Lin Dong here and now. Lin Dong was soon forced to use the Wonder Gate Seal, Third Chapter.[13]

Wu Sha was lying on the ground. He knew he had lost.[14]

After his failure to take the Steel Wood Manor, he most likely retreated. Lin Zhentian however led a huge force of Lin Family members to massacre the Black Dragon Stockage. The latter was completely wiped out.[15]



  • Qingyang Town





Martial Arts SkillsEdit






5 months and a half after Qingyang Town HuntEdit





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Black Dragon Stockage
Leader Yan Kuo
Second in command Wu Sha

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