Wu Yun is a member of the Raging Blade Dojo.


This young man had extraordinarily large palms and was riddled with scars that were evidently caused by frequent practise with blades.[6]




Qingyang Town Hunt ArcEdit

He intervened in the battle with Lin Dong and Lei Li at the market place in Qingyang Town. which displeased the latter greatly. The altercation came to a stop when Wang Jin appeared and told them to go home.[7] At the event Wu Yun asks Lin Dong to cooperate with him. If the Lei Family and the Xie Family work together it will become very difficult. Lin Dong agrees to it.[8] At the event he found a Fire Python Tiger. He along with Mu Lingsha searched for Lin Dong. They worked together in order to deal with the Fire Python Tiger and take its cubs.[9]

Lin Dong's group found the Fire Python Tiger. It was under attack by the Lei Family and the Xie Family. Lin Dong makes the decision to wait until the tiger mother dies.[10] When Lin Dong and Lei Li clashed he took the cubs. Xie Yingying saw this and tied to stop him. However she failed. Once safe they look at their spoils and divided them. Wu Yun tells Lin Dong that he contributed the most and that he can choose first.[11] Once finished they head back to the stage. he wasn't pleased that Lei Li told that because he saw the Fire Python Tiger cubs first that they are his.[12]

Although not directly stated it is most likely that Wu Yun won the Qingyang Town Hunt event.[13]



  • Qingyang Town





Martial Arts SkillsEdit





Yuan PowerEdit

Group Rank Obtained By Using Chapter Arc Extra
Tempered Body Tempered Body 8th Layer / 28[14] Qingyang Town Hunt Arc



  • Wu Yun Vs. Lei Li: Lei Li won.[15]





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