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Xuan Region is divided into four continents: the East, West, South and North. just the East Xuan Continent alone, even the Nirvana Stage fighters have difficulty flying over it and its territories are unimaginably vast. There were countless empires in it and the rise and fall of empires occur almost everyday. Among these empires, the Great Yan Empire is just like one of the many stars in the vast sky.[2]



Major Factions

In the East Xuan Continent the most powerful factions are the Super Sects. These sects are in control of numerous empires and are the true overlords of the East Xuan Continent.[3]






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East Domain/Region - TianXuan Continent

In the East Xuan Continent the most powerful factions are the super sects. These sects are in control of numerous empires and are the true overlords of the East Xuan Continent. These overlords can destroy empires with a single thought.[4]

West Domain/Region - TianXuan Continent

The relationship between the Western Xuan Continent and the Eastern Xuan Continent is quite hostile.

North Domain/Region - TianXuan Continent

The Eastern Xuan Region and the Northern Xuan Region were separated by those mountain and even fairly skilled individuals had to take two to three months in order to cross this border. Moreover, this was on the assumption that they were lucky enough not to run into the various ferocious demonic beasts within these mountains.[5]

Those tens of thousands of large mountains were covered by fog, that was formed from natural Yuan Power, all year round. Therefore, if an unskilled individual tried to cross through, it was likely that he would only wound up getting lost before he will become one of the countless set of white skeletons within those large mountains.[6]

Unlike the Eastern Xuan Region, the Northern Xuan Region did not possess many different empires. Most of the land in this region was managed by the branch palaces that was established by Palace of Darkness. A branch palace was equivalent to the king of an empire and there was an extremely complicated bureaucracy beneath it. From this point of view, the management of the Northern Xuan Region by Darkness Palace, was better than the way the Eastern Xuan Region was managed.[7]

South Domain/Region - TianXuan Continent

Super Sect is unknow


Dao Region

Yuan Region

Unique Devil Region

Chaotic Demon Sea



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