Yan Kuo is a member of the Black Dragon Stockage.


He has numerous blade scars that filled his face.[7]




Steel Wood Manor ArcEdit

Yan Kuo was tipped by Lei Bao about the Lin Family having a Yang Yuan Stone lode. They send all their forces to attack the Steel Wood Manor in order to loot everything.[8] Yan Kuo was the first to attack the Steel Wood Manor. Yan Kuo went in to stop Lin Ken. He only saw Lin Ken as being a treat. So as long as he could keep Lin Ken busy, Wu Sha would deal with the scrubs.[9]

Yan Kuo, like the others were shocked that Lin Dong managed to win against Wu Sha. However their shock didn't end there as they could see Yang Energy entering Lin Dong's body. The latter was advancing to Heavenly Yuan Early Stage. Yan Kuo was afraid of Lin Dong's advancement. He offered a promotion to 3rd in command of the Black Dragon Stockade if that person could kill Lin Dong. At his command a large force was trying to kill Lin Dong. Yan Kuo regretted attacking the Lin Family. However, there was no longer any way for him to turn back. Unfortunately Lin Dong was too well protected and couldn't reach him in time. Lin Dong advanced to Heavenly Yuan Early Stage.[10]

Seeing that Lin Dong succeeded he knew that things were getting increasingly bad for him. Soon after Lin Dong's breakthrough Lin Dong leads the charge against the Black Dragon Stockage. Thanks to him the morale of the Lin Family is at an all-time high. After seeing his troops being steadily pushed back, he knew that he had lost. He gave the order to retreat.[11]

After his failure to take the Steel Wood Manor, he retreated. Lin Zhentian however led a huge force of Lin Family members to massacre the Black Dragon Stockage. The latter was completely wiped out.[12]



  • Qingyang Town





Martial Arts SkillsEdit






5 months and a half after Qingyang Town HuntEdit

  • Yan Kuo (Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage) Vs. Lin Ken (Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage):[13] Draw.[14]



  • "Humans will die for money, just like animals will kill for food".[15]
    • Yan Kuo to Lin Ken as Yan Kuo plans to take the Yang Yuan Stone lode.



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