The Yang Yuan Stone did not have defined edges, and was coloured a light-red. It was also translucent like a crystal. When holding it you can feel a faint warmth, as if he were holding onto a ball of sunlight. It was a rather special crystal stone. It was said that it could only be formed in the deepest parts of a volcano. Not only did the crystal stone absorbed the Yuan Power between Heaven and Earth, but after bathing in lava in a long time, they also managed to assimilate a part of the Yang Energy from the lava. This Yang Energy, was akin to the life blood for Heavenly Yuan Stage practitioners. Many Heavenly Yuan Practitioners would carry around a few Yang Yuan Stones. However, these items were not cheap, therefore, they were rarely seen in Qingyang Town it was rare for Yang Yuan Stone to appear by itself. Due to the special circumstances needed for its formation, anywhere a Yang Yuan Stone appears, there would tend to be a lode nearby. This lode could be small or large, however, even if it were an extremely tiny lode, it would still be considered as a massive fortune.[1]


A mining lode can be found in the Steel Wood Manor currently in control of the Lin Family.[2]


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