Ying Huanhuan is the reincarnation of the Ice Master one of the Ancient Masters. Her power is even greater than the Chaos Master. She is not from this World[9][10][11]

She was the most outstanding disciple of the Symbol Ancestor.[12]


With black and lovely eyes and curly ponytail she look extremely lovely and cute. As her reincarnated soul awakened her eyes became ice blue along with her hair as happened when she started forming her initial Yuan spirit. But later at the Great Sect Competition, her black eyes started to merge with the ice blue indicating a merge of souls.


She is the last disciple that the Symbol Ancestor accepted. However, she was the most talented as well. In fact, after she advanced to the Reincarnation stage, within less than a year, she began to undergo the Reincarnation Tribulations. Moreover, She passed all three tribulations simultaneously.[13]





Lin Dong ( Husband )





Martial ArtsEdit







Dao SectEdit

Great Sect CompetitionEdit

  • Ying Huanhuan (Nine Yuan Nirvana Stage) and Qing Tan (Nine Yuan Nirvana Stage) Vs. Yuan Cang (Initial Profound Life Stage):[36] Yuan Cang won.[37]

War With The Yuan GateEdit

  • Ying Huanhuan (Samsara Stage) and Lin Dong (Reincarnation Enlightened Samsara Stage) Vs. Yimo King:[38] Lin Dong and Ying Huanhuan won.[39]

Second Great World WarEdit



The wife of Lin Dong, helping him manage the Martial Realm in the Great Thousand Worlds. She is the current clan head of the Ice Spirit Clan


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